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Much like the predecessor blog at BookLikes, Ani's Book Abyss will mainly be a book blog containing reviews, bookish postings... and pretty much anything and everything bookish I happen to feel like talking about.  As with my BookLikes blog, I won't really talk about my personal life much--I feel like that stuff is best left for another platform.  Besides, I like being faceless and anonymous.

Anyway, my review style has changed over the years, and so as Ani's Book Abyss moves forward, I will be transferring many reviews I have written over the past three or four years from other platforms; they will all seem haphazard and stylized differently.  Some may be rewritten, other may just remain as they are--I will denote them accordingly.

I will continue to post reviews to Goodreads and BookLikes, but nowhere else.  I do not Twitter and prefer to keep my personal Facebook page separate.

My reading tastes have also changed over the years and currently, my main diet happens to include mainly Adult Romantic Suspense and Young Adult Fantasy.  Other genres I also partake in include Adult Contemporary Romances, Adult Chick Lit, Young Adult Science Fiction, Young Adult Contemporaries, Fairy Tale Retellings, and some scattered General Literature or General Fiction.  I've been slowly moving my way into Historical Fiction of the romance and mystery variety.

What you will find very little of in my reading diet will be Horror and Non-fiction--though I'm not completely opposed to reading those.

Finally, just beware whenever I go on my squee-fests!  It gets a little overwhelming.

My Blogging History

(it gets a little long-winded--read at your own risk)

I don't like talking about myself.  I like talking about things that happen around me.  Though I suppose it's all the same.

Ani's Book Abyss was launched first as a BookLikes social networking book blog.  Ever since, I'd always thought about creating a more main book blog site, much like my other two failed review blog experiments for anime and manga, and for live drama.  Both of those sites have been on hiatus and will probably never see a new post ever again.

I have always been fond of discussion of media, whether movies, books, television shows, or the like.  Starting with the first reviews I'd ever written about stage performances I went to see as part of my Intro to Theater class in college, I found I enjoyed discussing stories and acting and other things similar.  I later moved on to reviewing for fun movies and Asian television series on a personal blog--but since no one actually ever read my blog but myself, it was more of a journal I kept online.

I officially started my first review blog with anime and manga after becoming thoroughly obsessed with it.  But that blog probably lasted a whole of five months before I finally gave up.  Next, I launched a live drama review blog, mainly for Asian television series of the Hong Kong series, K-drama, and Japanese dorama variety.  That blog lasted slightly longer before I grew weary of it.

In 2011 I joined Goodreads--it was a great aid in helping me find books to read in similar genres I had been enjoying.  Slowly, I started posting opinions and thoughts about the books I'd been reading; a word here, a few paragraphs there.  Soon, I was posting full-blown reviews and loving it!

In 2013, after the great Goodreads Chaotic Debacle of TOS conflicts, I followed a bunch of friends and some reviewers to BookLikes to test out the new book social networking site.  While BookLikes doesn't have the intricate organizational functionality that Goodreads has, I found that I liked being able to publish blog posts about anything, even if it wasn't book related.  With BookLikes, I also began to discover a great community of readers to befriend that I hadn't discovered before on Goodreads.

Anyway, long story short, rather than creating a main review blog space, Ani's Book Abyss here at blogspot is really just a back-up blog right now.  Eventually, it will probably become my main blog.  With the issues that BookLikes has been having lately, I find it would be a good idea to back-up all of my reviews and posts and have a fall-back review space to go to in case of any more loading issues.  I know that the BookLikes team has been working hard to fix all the bugs we've been having lately, but it still doesn't take away the fact that sometimes, the site just doesn't load at all.

And somehow, when BookLikes goes down, I almost feel kind of lost... same as whenever Goodreads has loading issues.  It's like I don't really know what to do with myself.

So here we are with yet another blog.  Let's see how well this lasts, although I HAVE managed to continue book blogging for upwards of three years now.  I have high hopes.  :D


(P.S.  I might add some pictures to this page later.  I know it looks bland right now.)

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