Saturday, September 10, 2022

Halloween Bingo 2022 Update #1

I have certainly not made a whole lot of progress, but I wanted to do at least a weekly update on what I'm up to pertaining to the book world and Halloween Bingo.  I've come across some books that I'd like to read for Halloween Bingo, so in spite of my determination not to overwhelm myself by making a list of books to read, I ended up doing so anyway.

There aren't really a whole lot, but more than what I started with.

What squares they will end up in, however, is still up in the air.

I haven't read Seanan McGuire in a long time, but I absolutely adore The Incryptids series, and her books just seem like they would fit into a lot of squares available.  Mainly I'm looking at Sparrow Hill Road for Urban Decay, and am interested enough to want to read it first of the three books above.  The other two books, I'm looking at for Golden State Nightmare, though I haven't decided which one yet.  More than likely, it'll be Chaos Choreography just because I'm wanting to catch up with The Incryptids books.

Meanwhile, I did happily finally finish one book with an idea of what square I will put it in, but I don't want to make any permanent decisions, so I decided to create a digital table to log my progress alongside my Happy Planner, decorated log.  But since I've hardly filled out my physical table, no photos just yet--sometimes photos can be a bit more work than I'm willing to put in at the moment.

The first book I finished was Copper Beach by Jayne Ann Krentz, which I'm looking at putting on Murder and Mayhem by the Book -- imagine my joy when I read the synopsis and found out that the entire book is centered around a female lead who is an old book dealer and the story centers around looking for an old, dangerous book laced with paranormal energy.  Score!

I am still reading A is For Arsenic by Kathryn Harkup, a nonfiction book detailing poisons used by Dame Agatha in her mysteries.  I'm making my way through this slowly, just because it's nonfiction and I've never really warmed to reading nonfiction.  This book will be for Arsenic and Old Lace -- a perfect fit, I'd say!

I just started reading The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg, about a murder that takes place in Fjallbacka in Sweden.  The setting seems to be either winter, or just very, very cold climes, so I'm hoping I can get it to fit into Ice Cold Fear.

Finally, my next reads are kind of tentative.  The Honjin Murders by Seishi Yokomizo is a book I saw on someone else's list (though I don't recall who's), and became interested in reading it for Locked Room MysteriesDream Eyes by Jayne Ann Krentz, is the next book in the Dark Legacy duology, following Copper Beach and I do want to read it -- I just don't know here I'd put it, quite just yet.

And as I'd mentioned, Sparrow Hill Road, I would like to read for Urban Decay.

And well... that's pretty much it!

Currently Reading:

Next Reads:

Books Read and Unallocated:


Bingo Tracking:

Bingo Square Date Called Book / Author Date Read
Row #1
Genre: Thriller 9/3/22

Black Cat

Amateur Sleuth

Darkest London

Arsenic & Old Lace

Row #2
Dark Academia

Ice Cold Fear

Murder & Mayhem by the Book
Copper Beach by Jayne Ann Krentz 9/9/22
Grave or Graveyard

Death Down Under

Row #3
Genre: Mystery

The Barrens

Poe Raven Free Space

Vintage Mystery


Row #4
Golden State Nightmares

Terror in the Tropics

Sword & Sorcery

*Romantic Suspense


Row #5
Locked Room Mysteries

Cozy Mystery

Terror in a Small Town

Urban Decay

A Grimm Tale 9/6/22

Wild Card Activities:

I have decided to use The Lottery Wild Card to swap out Home is Where the Hurt Is with Romantic Suspense.

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