Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Recent Additions To My TBR

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~~ Ten Books Recently Added ~~

~~ To The TBR List ~~

This week for Top Ten Tuesday, the topic involves the most recent books I added to my TBR List.  I will usually add several books to my TBR on a regular basis, but a lot of them I've marked as 'Might Read' because they have caught my eye and I want to come back to them someday; however, I may not necessarily have plans to read them any time soon.  At least they are on a list somewhere where I can do a cursory search if something piques my memory or interest.

The books that are actually marked as 'To Read' are the ones I fully intend to figure out how to fit into my reading schedule.  There's another caveat, though:  I will also add a bunch of books that belong to the same author or the same series if I find that author/series enjoyable and intend to read the rest of the work.

If I listed all the books from the same series or by the same author this post would be mainly about Addison Fox and Jill Shalvis, with a few other scattered authors.

So in order to give a shout out to more than just these two authors, today's Top Ten Tuesday will be all about Jill Shalvis and Addison Fox, AND others!  So this list will have 10+ books populating it.

Because I can.

In the order of the book added most recently to earlier in time:

The above four books were added recently due to interest.  Three were thanks to bloggers making a mention of them.  Cold Memory was added because I like Leslie Kelly, and was pleasantly surprised to see her continuing her Extrasensory Agents series when I thought she had dropped that project since the last book in the series was published back in 2011, nearly five years ago.  I am totally ecstatic with this new revelation--Cold Memory will be published in December as a Kindle book only and I am definitely going to pick that one up.

by Addison Fox

This is what I meant when I said that Addison Fox would be one of the authors to dominate this list if I just went by books I'd recently added and left it at ten.  Of the above eight books in the two different series, I had actually already added The Paris Assignment and Silken Threats to my TBR a long time ago.  But there were recent developments of the "Harlequin books are on sale" variety that had me adding the rest of the books in each series to my TBR... as well as my e-book shelves.

Why did I add so many Addison Fox books to my TBR as well as my Kindle shelves?  Aside from the discounted prices, I had read a book by Addison Fox not long ago and absolutely loved it!  So here's hoping that that one book wasn't a one-hit-wonder... although I DO enjoy Romantic Suspense, so I'll read these books anyway.

Kasie West's Lucky in Love will be released on July 25, 2017.  I always add Kasie West books to my TBR when I find a new one, and this one happened to land on this Top Ten list.

I think I was more surprised that the remaining books of the Lucky Harbor series wasn't already on my TBR, especially after finishing and loving the first three books in the series in December of last year.  The fourth, fifth, and sixth books are already on my TBR, but for some reason, I never went to add the rest of the series, which is strange considering my goal is to read this entire series mainly so I can get to the very last short novella that brings us to my most favorite Lucky Harbor couple thus far, Chloe and Sawyer.

On a side note, I also added the newest Hearbreaker Bay books to my TBR as well, but I'm not going to list them.

I am actually currently making my way through this series; having just finished the first book, Truly Madly (not shown here), I loved it enough to want to dive into the rest of the series.  If my reading schedule holds true, I should have all of these books finished by February next year... or by December.  I don't deny the fact that when I find something I love, I can spend more time reading than is good for my sleep cycles.


I was going to take more liberties on this list and add more books... but I decided that this list is good enough.  And long enough.  At the very least, it also kind of reflects what my TBR will look like in the next year or two... sort of.

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