Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ammie Read Update | Up to Chapter 4

Ammie, Come Home

by Barbara Michaels
Book 1 of Georgetown

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Progress:  120 / 352 pages read (34%)

I'm still a ways behind everyone else, I've noticed, but I have the urge to plow through the rest of the book now that things are picking up.  My three-day weekend is starting, and being a night owl, I'm almost too worried that I'll scare myself terribly by reading the rest of this book, as well as any other horror genre book, in the dead of night.

Back to the book...  To be totally honest, the first two chapters were actually kind of draggy, though I suspect they were there for the purpose of introducing characters and the setting and the like.  That's fine.  We seemed to have reached the main conflict now, and I'm finding it hard to put down.

Chances are, this will be the only update I will make, because if I pick up this book again, I'm probably going straight to the end.  It IS getting very intriguing!

Nothing creepy has actually started happening yet, but I'm preparing myself for anything at this moment.

The touchy-feely-lusty romance(?) seems kind of abrupt.  I'm leaving a question mark behind the word 'romance' because I'm a little confused as to how the relationship between Pat and Ruth developed so quickly...  Or if it didn't really, and they're just simply attracted to each other and ready to jump each other's bones or something, because Chapter Three!?!

On a final note, the two ladies, Ruth and Sara, are quite interesting.  I don't know how to take the men.  Bruce comes off as an arrogant ass, but a bit more complex than just that.  Pat, on the other hand, just comes off as kind of a smarmy jerk.

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