Thursday, September 1, 2016

First Impressions and Halloween Bingo!

Ammie, Come Home by Barbara Michaels
-- Buddy Read @ Booklikes, hosted by Murder by Death

Halloween Bingo is going great so far.  I've read up to the first chapter of Ammie, Come Home just for a teaser and taste during my lunch break over the night.  The impression I get from it is a charming style, but that's about it so far.  Not much happens in this first chapter, but it's very well written and easy to read.

Looking forward to what will happen next.  I get the feeling we're just establishing character introductions right now and the excitement is yet to begin.

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
-- Full cast audio book

I started listening to this audio book on my drive home from work... and couldn't stop listening to it to drag myself out of my car.  It's got a very whimsical feel to it.  I'm, so far, liking this one more than the other Gaiman books I've read in the past (which weren't many, really).  It could also be because the full cast audio is done quite well.

Of course, I'm still not entirely certain where the book is heading, but I'm sure things will pick up soon.


How is everyone else's first day of Halloween Bingo going?  It'll be some time before I get my first square marked, but right now, I'm just enjoying myself too much to care.  :D

Happy reading!

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