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Collective Reading Updates: The Thin Man

The Thin Man

by Dashiell Hammett

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Here is a cautionary **SPOILER WARNING**  just in case I have inadvertently given away anything significant to the story itself.  I will do my best not to mention any big spoilers, but I don't always check myself accordingly.
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Progress on 9/17/17:  151 of 201 pages (75%)

I told her what Dorothy had told me.  "It sounds like a lot of hooey."


"Why not?  Everything else we've got from them has been hooey."

Well, that sounds like the gist of things.  At least someone's paying attention, I suppose.  I still have no idea what kind of evidence we've collected, but I'm leaning towards Crazy Mamma Mimi as most likely suspect.  Though that sounds too easy, so it's probably not her...

Progress on 9/17/17:  148 of 201 pages (74%)

All of these people are crazy.  That's all I've got to say.

"Let's go home.  I don't like these people."

Nora's got the right of it.  Unfortunately, she seems to have been relegated to a background peanut gallery with no lines, and simply someone to get the drinks for everyone else.  Or to just be there.

Progress on 9/17/17:  77 of 201 pages (38%)

"That's silly.  Mamma's not really dangerous.  She's just a case of arrested development.  Most of us have outgrown ethics and morals and so on.  Mamma's just not grown up to them yet."  He frowned and corrected himself thoughtfully:  "She might be dangerous, but it would be like a child playing with matches."

Because that's SO much more reassuring...

Some of these chapters are so short that I thought I'd be a lot further along in this book by now, but I DID pass out while reading some part.

Anyway, the impression I'm getting so far is that I feel like I'm missing something.  I feel like these people all know each other from a previous book or something, and we're just picking up where we left off.

The fact that I'm able to stop and count the number of drinks per character, per chapter (yes, I'm counting, and I've got a spreadsheet to show for it), as well as write a few updates, could mean that I'm not getting into this book.  Usually, once I become engrossed in a book, I stop updating after a certain amount of pages read, unless something really intriguing catches my eye.

So far, aside from Nick's reluctant investigation of a murdered woman, I'm not entirely sure I know what's going on.  Everyone is really just drinking and dancing and hanging out... though I suppose this was a sort of norm during those years?

Progress on 9/17/17:  26 of 201 pages (13%)

"I don't know what you're up to," I said.  "I don't know what any of you are up to."

And I don't know what's actually going on yet!

Mimi said:  "You drink too much."

"I don't drink as much as Nick."

Well, at least we're self-aware...

Progress on 9/17/17:  15 of 201 pages (7%)

It hasn't even been 10%, I just finished Chapter 4... Man, you guys weren't kidding, there's a lot of drinking in this book.  Nick has already had 10 drinks (at least) that I've been able to count, and that's only "on stage."  Who knows how many other drinks he's having outside of the narrative?

Oh, and WTF with this dialogue?

Quinn came over to refill his glass.  He looked towards the bedroom door.  "Where'd you find the little blonde?"

"Used to bounce it on my knee."

"Which knee?" he asked.  "Could I touch it?"

Um... No.

Okay, I should probably pay attention to the actual story now...

Progress on 9/16/17:  5 of 201 pages (2%)

Finally getting around to starting this book, and since it feels fairly bite-sized, I might finish it soon... depending on how I like it--this is a new genre for me after all.

The first chapter feels a little awkward, as it gives me the feeling I just walked in on a group conversation, though it is the first chapter.

At least two drinks were had so far.  I'm tempted to keep a tally, bur from what everyone else's updates have been showing, I might lose track.  Still... I'm tempted to try.  XD

Progress on 9/15/17:  0 of 201 pages (0%)

I intend to join the group read for this book.  I really do.  But before then, I'm determined to finish the Victoria Holt book I already started, so I'm going to be a bit behind everyone else on the group read thing.  Meanwhile, I'm simply going to try not to read too many of everyone else's updates...

Although, it seems as if I'm not missing much so far--something about alcoholics and cannibal sandwiches...

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