Wednesday, October 4, 2017

2017 Reading Assignment Challenge -- Third Quarterly Report Card

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First of all, I had intended to post this a couple days ago, but never really got around to it.  In fact, I've been in a crappy mood lately, and on top of that, I got hit by that nasty respiratory something-or-other and am probably tossing my lungs across the room every time I cough.  Sleep has been my best bud, and I'm glad that I can at least take something that knocks me out long enough to get some rest.

So I've been in no mood to post anything, and really just want to snatch a few moments of reading here and there without thinking much of anything else.  Now that I think I'm beating this nasty virus, I'll probably be de-lurking on Booklikes and start getting some reviews finalized and published.

Onto the Reading Assignment update!

July ramblings:  July probably wasn't as great a month as June, but I still feel like I've made progress.  According to the rules of Reading Assignment, even if we couldn't finish a book, it will still count towards our challenge.  I DNF'd my first book in 2017 with The Law of Attraction, but I gave it a good 26% before finally throwing in the towel.  In summary, July was a great month for reading, though not so great for Reading Assignment books--one book wasn't entirely enjoyable, and the other book was just not a winner.

August ramblings:  August felt like a slower month in terms of reading, but it really wasn't.  I just didn't read everything I had intended to read.  Nonetheless, I finished my two Reading Assignment books, and that's really all that matters.  Well, a lot more things matter, but in terms of #2017HW, that's all that matters.

September ramblings:  September was a good month, and I DID finish a lot of books I set out to finish, even if not all of them.  At first I'd intended to read Hit and Run, but then I changed my mind, because I'm allowed to do so.  I still finished the two books I needed for #2017HW, so I'm happy!

Third Quarter:
My Grade:  I Made an A!

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A Summary

The third quarter went very well.  After the snafu that was the first quarter, it looks like I've picked up my rhythm again, being able to finish all necessary books for both the second quarter and the third quarter.  Of course, during the first quarter, all sorts of crap happened that made it hard for me to find any reading time... or even the mood to read at all.

Hopefully my reading mood keeps up and we finish out the rest of the year well!

A Forecast

So here are the last set of books for the last quarter of the year.  Whatever order they will be read... I don't know.  Okay, so I at least know that Hit and Run and Just Past Midnight will be read in October, since I have committed them to Halloween Bingo.


  1. Aww a crappy mood? If you need someone to talk to...well I'm a horrible person but I'd try to make you feel better. Message me whenever, you got my number or facebook. I hope you feel better and that nasty respiratory something-or-other goes away soon. I mean the part that makes you feel bad not the whole respiratory system obviously...ok see ya.

    1. Thanks. The respiratory virus or whatever it was has gone away, though I've still got a residual cough or something. With the weather turning, I hope it doesn't come back any time soon. I'd been sick for over two months with bronchitis at the beginning of the year and don't relish going through the same thing.

      I'm a terrible person to be around when I'm in a crappy mood, so I've actually been avoiding real people, aside from family and coworkers, since they are unavoidable. But I'm usually best left alone to pull myself back out of my moods--usually just takes a few days of my sulking on my own and giving myself time to stop being irritated with everything.

      Thank you for the offer though. I appreciate that. I think I'm slowly making my way back into a better mood.

      There will probably be more activity on this blog in the next few weeks! =D