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2017 Reading Assignment Challenge -- First Quarterly Report Card

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January ramblings:  Well, I had had high hopes for January, what with Romance Bingo and all.  Almost all of the books I've chosen for Reading Assignment are a Romance genre of one kind or another (historical, suspense, contemporary, etc....).  But then I got sick.  And all went downhill from there.  And you know, it wasn't even that the books weren't good.  The two books I chose for January were both very enjoyable.  I just hadn't been motivated enough to read, and ended up finishing only one of my January books in January.  Then I promptly finished The Moon-spinners on February 1st... but I'm not going to let myself off the hook for that one.  I will honorably take a dropped grade!

February ramblings:  I am now at making a C for this first quarter.  Once again, I waited too long to start reading my second Reading Assignment book for the month and ended up not finishing it.  In fact, three days into March and I still didn't finish the book.  We're batting zero for zero here... and frankly, I'm not all too upset.  I was sick.  And I'll move on and hope that March will be better.

March ramblings:  March was better, though it could have been even better on a different reading schedule scale.  But I'm just going to leave it at that.  I was finally able to finish all of my designated books for the month, though it helped that one of the books was audio and was easy to just listen to as I multi-tasked.  Let's hope that the next quarter will yield better results.

First Quarter:
My Grade:  I Made a C.  >.<

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A Summary

So, overall, it was a crappy first quarter.  I've been in a reading slump since November and haven't quite climbed out of it.  I'm averaging somewhere between eight to ten books monthly--which, yes, I know is still really good, but not my normal monthly reading average.  And on top of that, even though I've been enjoying the Reading Assignment books I've chosen each month, I've been slacking off and having trouble finishing them in good time.

Hopefully, with my health improving since that unfortunate bout of bronchitis and overall icky sickness, I'll be back in the mood to read plenty and blog plenty.

Really, if this post hadn't already been pre-formatted, only requiring me to fill-in the blanks, I might have been too lazy to bother with it.  Thank goodness for at least some of my pre-planning, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I hope to raise my Reading Assignment grade next quarter, but I just realized that one of the books I chose to include in my list this year is about 700+ pages.  I'm either going to read one less book, or end up with a low grade again.

A Forecast

Basically, here is a jumble of the six books I've sort of chosen for the next quarter.  But things aren't permanent because that elusive reading mood is such a fickle bitch, so everything is subject to change.  Nonetheless, listed by month I'm hoping to read:


The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
False Memory by Dean Koontz

The Law of Attraction by N.M. Silber
Two Guys Detective Agency by Stephanie Bond

Once a Thief by Kay Hooper
Always a Thief by Kay Hooper

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