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Booklikes-opoly: Let the Games Begin!

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I had no idea what this was going to be about when I first saw it announced by Moonlight at Booklikes, but I was on-board immediately.  Of course, I know I should have waited to see what the entire game was going to encompass first, but I'm still going with the year of The Laid Back Reading Plans, and so I won't necessarily become too obsessed with this new reading challenge... at least, I hope I won't.

We shall see, won't we?

For the general rules and FAQ, refer to the links above.

And now it's another new Reading Challenge/Game to keep my free time occupied... assuming I have free time.

Let the games begin!

Booklikes-opoly will take place starting April 15th and end on July 31st.

Basically, the name of the game is to make your way around the game board, reading books as each game card dictates, and collecting money per book read:

Virtual dollars are awarded based on the page length of the qualifying books:
0 to 100 pages:  $1.00
101 to 200 pages:  $2.00
201 to 400 pages:  $3.00
401 to 800 pages:  $5.00
over 801 pages:  $10.00

The player who manages to collect the highest amount of dollars will be the winner!

All readers will play in the background by themselves, and update the rest of the Booklikes community as the game progresses.  So the entire game is based on an honor system, since we will all be keeping track of our own game board, bank, dice rolls, etc...

The rules are quite extensive, but look simple enough once you get to reading them, so I won't list everything here.  For more information, visit the Game Play and Rules link listed in the next section, where the game cards can also be found.

Discussion Forum and Game Play Links

Discussion Forums on Booklikes:
Booklikes-opoly: Game Play and Rules -- General game play information
Booklikes-opoly: Q&A -- As stated, a place to ask questions about the game
Booklikes-opoly: Community Activities -- The forum to request assistance on appropriate tasks
Booklikes-opoly: Jail Library -- Moonlight will keep this updated with page donations
Booklikes-opoly: Player Banks -- A place to keep track of your bank amount

Additional Post Links by Moonlight Reader:
Booklikes-opoly: General Information -- A post of rules and information.
Booklikes-opoly: Reading Tasks -- A post of the game board's cards and tasks associated.
Booklikes-opoly: Additional Tasks -- A post including other game board spaces and tasks associated.
Game Play Tutorial -- Moonlight gives us a quick run of how the game is played.

The Game Board

The Game Cards and Other Task Squares

Game play for these additional task squares can be found at the link above for Additional Tasks or at the Booklikes-opoly Discussion Forum under Game Play and Rules, post #3.


I will probably see if I can find a set of physical dice to roll, but chances are, I might just Google a dice roller and use that so that I can include a screen pic each time I roll my dice.  In fact, here's a nice and simple one:  Dice Roller @

I'm also contemplating the benefits of creating a slap-dash on-line board game to keep track of each of my dice rolls and my tasks... but chances are, I might just create a spreadsheet for that.  In fact, I'm already putting together a very complicated looking spreadsheet with formulas to calculate money.

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure how well I will do in this game, but I'm hoping it will be good.  At least it takes place over the course of three and a half months, so that's plenty of time to get some game play in!

On an aside, I'm going to include the "Wheel Decide" spinny option here for reasons.  This wheel is part of the 'BL' space's tasks.  If you click on the little "Wheel Decide" icon at lower right, it'll take you to the page where you can find a code to embed this wheel at your own page if you wish.

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