Friday, June 30, 2017

Can You Read a Series in a Month? June 2017 Wrap Up

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Once again, I had great fun reading a wonderful series.  Although I had already read the first book prior to the challenge, the remaining three books were still great new experiences for me!

As a refresher, I'm re-posting the series I chose along with my updated review links.  For the Goodreads series page screen shot, please scroll to end of the post.

I look forward to any other book by Courtney Milan.  And also, until the next time our lovely hosts have this challenge!

My Series Pick

Brothers Sinister by Courtney Milan

Completed Reviews: (updated on 6/28/2017)
1.  The Duchess War -- Read Pre-June 2017
2.  The Heiress Effect -- 06/04/2017
3.  The Countess Conspiracy -- 06/07/2017
4.  The Suffragette Scandal -- 06/20/2017
novella 0.5:  The Governess Affair -- Already Read
novella 1.5:  A Kiss for Midwinter -- Read Pre-June 2017
novella 4.5:  Talk Sweetly to Me -- 06/26/2017

*Click on series title for GR series page. // Click on book title for my review.

GR Series Page Screenshot

And as requested by our lovely hosts, here is a screenshot of the Goodreads series page, showing all the books I read for this series!

If you go to the actual series page at Goodreads, there are two other entries:  One is an anthology collection that includes the prequel novella, The Governess Affair.  The other is a complete boxed set for the whole series.


  1. Awesome Job! I updated the end post and included the link to the kick off post with the rafflecopter. Just link this post up there. I am totally losing my mind and messed up on how the winners were going to be picked. I apologize!

    1. Thanks! I'm just satisfied with being able to finish a series. The accomplishment feels terrific! Thanks for hosting this challenge!