Thursday, November 29, 2018

24 Festive Tasks | Origami and Me! A Supplementary Post to Bon Om Touk

(November 22 - 24)

This is a supplementary post for Bon Om Touk's Task 1: "Make a paper boat and post a picture of it."

A little birdie (**coughcoughPennicoughcough**) was starting at me from the ledge above my desk, making me realize I'd forgotten something very important in my boat post.

"We ride the boats!"

Okay, now that Penni, Monkey, and Teddy Bear have had their fun, let's move on.

In a comment previously at Booklikes, I'd mentioned that I recalled having worked on an origami dragon boat when I was younger and never having finished it.  Well... apparently, I lied.

This is just an origami dragon... no boat involved.  And apparently, I made a lot less progress with it than I'd thought.  There is still a pretty thick stack of gold papers left to fold into little triangles.  I mean, ultimately, it's supposed to look like the photo in my box above...

Meanwhile, the origami dragon boat, DOES indeed, exist!

Here's the YouTube video for a relatively simpler one:  I have yet to try this, but might at some point.  All this talk about origami has got my fingers flexing.

And here's a photo of some more elaborate ones similar to what I thought I had:

Meanwhile, as an added bonus, here are some of the other things I found while digging through my closet looking for my origami dragon.

I found my canister of lucky stars!  Aren't they pretty?

And then I found my shoe box full of paper cranes.  I used to sit and fold these as a fun past time!  While watching television, listening to music, or just hanging out with my family, I'd sit there and fold paper cranes out of any and every scrap of extra paper I could find.  My mom used to keep stacks of colored paper sitting around, mainly for whenever she needed to print a fun signs or some such stuff.  I would nip a couple sheets just for the cranes, as they were all in different pastels that made me itch to use them.

I also did some of the little hearts on the right side there as well.  These were typically done with dollar bills (much like the origami dragon boat in the video above), but I just started using colored paper, because I didn't want to waste the dollars.  Do I remember how to fold them today?  Nope.

All of my origami kind of got set aside, then put away as college rounded the corner and I just couldn't find any time for anything other than study and school.

And no, I have no idea how many there are.  I haven't counted them yet.

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