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2019 Reading Assignment | Summer Semester Courses!

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This post and subsequent updates will be linked at 2019 Reading Assignment Challenge | Summer Semester Page.

I don't want to spend too much time reiterating the new twists for this year's Reading Assignment, so I'll direct everyone to my main tracking page, linked above for all the deets.  You can also find them at the sign up page at Because Reading, also linked above.

So the Summer Semester will encompass only June and July (starts June 1 and ends August 1).  Seems short and straight forward, but due to certain circumstances, I've decided to drop some courses, and make some changes.  I've still been averaging a lower number of books each month than I used to, and had some problems keeping up with my readings while also wanting to participate in various buddy reads and reading games that popped up.

Due to this, and the announcement of another wonderful summer reading game, Booklikes-opoly 2019 Edition, I decided that I needed a much more flexible reading list than what Reading Assignment would likely give me.

I'm choosing to drop Professor AuthorLuv's Course and will be focusing entirely on Professor Genre's and Professor Mix-It-Up's Courses.  I had considered still taking the Beginner level Class of the Professor AuthorLuv's Course, but I'm not sure that's in my best interests this summer based on my progress during the Spring Semester.  While I actually did not do terribly during the Spring Semester, I just barely made it reading the last book I needed to read by the end of each month.

I will be taking the Advanced level Class for Professor Genre's Course.  And I'm taking liberties with this summer semester by choosing an extremely broad genre:  Romance.  For an extra challenge, I'm going to try to pick only from books I already own, prior to the start of the Summer Semester.  At least that little caveat will keep me focused.  Of course, I promise nothing, and chances are, the library will be utilized no matter how hard I try, but try I certainly will.

For Professor Mix-It-Up's Course, I'm taking the Beginner's Class--my chosen books will be listed in the following section.  This is my main challenge this summer semester, as I have three specific books I would love to finish for a specific series that is long overdue to be finished.  As I had been under the impression that the Summer Semester also encompassed all of August, I thought I needed three books, but now knowing that the Summer Semester ends on August 1, I only need two books.  So of the three books I'm wanting to finish reading, I will only read two of them and then find another time to read the last one.

This gives me at least four books a month.  And since I read romance on a regular basis anyway, this is pretty much a free-for-all for me.  It almost feels like I'm cheating...  Which is why I added my personal criteria for the course, as well as Professor Mix-It-Up's Course, to at least give me some semblance of a challenge.  But essentially, I'm only really requiring myself to read one specific book a month.  The books for Professor Genre's Course are very much small potatoes with or without my special requirement.

For more details, visit the 2019 Reading Assignment Challenge sign up post (linked here and at the beginning).

My 2019 Summer Semester Reading Assignment Course List:

Professor Genre - Advanced Class (credits: 3):  I will be reading romance novels... of any sub-genre.  I will hopefully be sticking to books I already own, prior to the start of the Summer Semester.

Professor Mix-It-Up - Beginner's Class (credits: 1):  Below is my finalized reading list for the spring semester.

I believe that I started reading this series in 2011, and then followed by reading one book each year.  I decided that it was time to get my act together and finish the series.  I've always included one of these books in my Reading Assignment or some other TBR Reading Challenge over the years, and now it's time to just get it done.  After these two books, there's one last light novel in the series, and I'll hopefully find a way to insert it into my reading "schedule."

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