Sunday, March 19, 2017

Happy Blogoversary to Me!! Sort of...

Well...  Actually, this post should have gone up on the 12th of this month, because I can't read and thought that my One Year Blogoversary was on the 22nd.

I had a few ideas planned to include in this post, but was still going to keep it simple: a list of favorite posts including links and whatnot, but as I was going through my posts, starting from the first, I realized that the first blog post at Blogspot had been published on March 12, 2016.  And yet, somehow, I had misread that date as March 22...

Give me a moment to mope about my mislaid plans...


Well, I suppose at this point, I really just want to leave everyone with a set of my stats in the one year I'd been posting to Blogspot.  I never did a Blogoversary post at Booklikes, mainly because I was just going along my merry way and blogging reviews, updates, and challenges and news all la-di-da.  But I'd like to make Ani's Book Abyss great--especially with all the new ideas and functionality, and etc... that I've discovered I can do with Blogger.

Unfortunately, unlike other bloggers out there, I will not be having any giveaway or whatever, as I was too lazy to plan this post properly.  Maybe if I can make it to five years, I'll be much obliged to really celebrate--in fact, if I can make it to three years, I might consider more fun things...

The Stats:

From March 12, 2016 to March 12, 2017:
  • 543 total posts published
  • 389 reviews -- 258 transferred reviews // 131 newly written reviews
  • 48 book update posts
  • 46 monthly/weekly meme posts
  • 434 books/novellas/short stories/anthologies have been reviewed at Ani's Book Abyss
    • 146 of those books were newly read/reviewed
    • 287 of those books were read/reviewed prior to the birth of this blog
    • 111 books' reviews are still awaiting posting or transfer

The First Blog Post:  Ani's Book Abyss Launches New Site!!!
The First Transferred Review:  Stars Above by Marissa Meyer | Transferred from Booklikes
The First Official New Review:  Rebel by Amy Tintera
The First Meme:  Top Ten Tuesday: Spring TBR
The First Multi-book Review:  Very Brief Thoughts: Haruhi Suzumiya, Books 1 & 2
The First Non-Bookish Post:  Recipe #1: Tomato Basil Soup
A Favorite Random Babbling Piece:  Another One Bites the Dust... and Other News | Transferred from Booklikes
The Birthday Post:  My Birthday Book Haul!
The 2016 Year in Books:  My 2016 Year in Books

The Packaged Thoughts Series:

Thoughts and Forecast:

It looks like I've still got a lot of work ahead of me, going by how many book reviews I've still got left to transfer from Goodreads and Booklikes; it is still a slow work in progress, and I'm trying to rewrite some reviews as I go as well.

And even as this blog is being written, I have added 2 more reviews to my numbers, posted after the 12th.  And then there are at least two more reviews being planned pending the next two or three books I will be finishing within the next week or two.

I've also got a mind to continue improving this site by up-keeping my blog pages for my book list / reviews, reading challenges, memes, and other posts.  I would love to create a more thorough "table of contents" type of page to help others (and mostly myself) better navigate and find written posts.  I say mostly myself, because sometimes I like to refer back to previously written posts... and yet sometimes I forget what I've written without doing a thorough skim of everything I've ever written.  Even with a spreadsheet index with designated categories, I still get lost.

How does everyone else keep track of everything they've written?  Or am I just way too obsessed with knowing exactly the title and date of every last post I've ever published?  O.O

Finally, I'd love to be able to get back into posting a weekly meme or some such thing.  I'd like to continue the Top Ten Tuesday posts, or even the monthly My TBR List voting posts.  I'm even considering following a few others and posting those Monday and/or Friday "What are you reading?" or "What I have read" weekly posts.

But truth be told, a lot of those things are still under consideration.  After all, I fell into a blogging slump and I feel like it hasn't quite lifted yet.

This is why this Blogoversary post wasn't already planned and written a month ago--something I used to do when I started blogging.

Anyway, wish me luck for the next year at Ani's Book Abyss.  And maybe next year (or the next), I will still be blogging, and I will actually remember my Blogoversary correctly and plan a less slap-dash post for everyone to enjoy.  And hopefully this blogging slump will lift soon--I've got so many things I want to do with this blog... but no motivation to sit down and get it all done.

Well... Cheers!

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