Booklikes-opoly Summer 2017

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Booklikes-opoly will take place starting April 15th and end on July 31st.

Player posts will be tagged with 'booklikes-opoly' at Booklikes, which will make it easier for everyone to follow the activity!

Basically, the name of the game is to make your way around the game board, reading books as each game card dictates, and collecting money per book read:

Virtual dollars are awarded based on the page length of the qualifying books:
0 to 100 pages:  $1.00
101 to 200 pages:  $2.00
201 to 400 pages:  $3.00
401 to 800 pages:  $5.00
over 801 pages:  $10.00

The player who manages to collect the highest amount of dollars will be the winner!

All readers will play in the background by themselves, and update the rest of the Booklikes community as the game progresses.  So the entire game is based on an honor system, since we will all be keeping track of our own game board, bank, dice rolls, etc...

The rules are quite extensive, but look simple enough once you get to reading them, so I won't list everything here.  For more information, visit the Game Play and Rules link listed in the next section, where the game cards can also be found.

Discussion Forum and Game Play Links

Discussion Forums on Booklikes:
Booklikes-opoly: Game Play and Rules -- General game play information
Booklikes-opoly: Q&A -- As stated, a place to ask questions about the game
Booklikes-opoly: Community Activities -- The forum to request assistance on appropriate tasks
Booklikes-opoly: Jail Library -- Moonlight will keep this updated with page donations
Booklikes-opoly: Player Banks -- A place to keep track of your bank amount

Additional Post Links by Moonlight Reader:
Booklikes-opoly: General Information -- A post of rules and information.
Booklikes-opoly: Reading Tasks -- A post of the game board's cards and tasks associated.
Booklikes-opoly: Additional Tasks -- A post including other game board spaces and tasks associated.
Game Play Tutorial -- Moonlight gives us a quick run of how the game is played.

The Game Board

My Progress and Related Links

(last updated 4/26/17)
Bank:  $27.00
Prison Library Donation:  200 pages
Books Read:  4 Dice Roller -- I will be using this site to roll my dice.
Booklikes-opoly: Let the Games Begin!

Roll #1 for 4/15:  Rolled an 8.  Landed on Mystery Square 8: Read a book that is tagged mystery or has a title that begins with any letter in the word "CLUE."

Roll #2 on 4/17:  Rolled a 7.  Landed on New Orleans Square Station (14): Read a book that involves overseas travel, or that has a suitcase on the cover.

Roll #3 on 4/21:  Rolled a 5.  Landed on the Jail Visitor Square:  Donate 100 pages (or $1.00) to the prison library before leaving the space.
  • Book:  False Memory by Dean Koontz
  • Length/Cash Award:  Read 214 pages, donated to prison library
  • Updated Bank:  No change

Roll #4 on 4/23:  Rolled 3 sets of doubles and ended up in Jail.
  • See Also:  BL-opoly | Fourth Roll Activities
  • Roll #4.1:  Rolled a 6 (double 3s).  Landed on Adventureland 24: Read a book set in Africa or Asia, or that has an exotic animal on the cover.
    • Book:  Schoolgirl by DAZAI Osamu
    • Length/Cash Award:  50 pages = $1.00
  • Roll #4.2:  Rolled a 12 (double 6s).  Landed on Mystery Square 35: Read a book tagged police procedural or detective on GR, or has a MC who is a police detective.
    • Book:  Don't Look Away by Leslie A. Kelly
    • Length/Cash Award:  323 pages = $3.00 upon completion
  • Roll #4.3:  Rolled a 6 (double 3s).  Third doubles rolled, Go Directly to Jail: Go to Jail.  Serve a sentence of 300 pages (or $3.00), unless there are enough pages in the prison library to spring you.
    • Books:  False Memory by Dean Koontz // Storming the Castle by Eloisa James
    • Length/Cash Award:  194 pgs of False Memory + 138 pgs of Storming the Castle = 332 pages // enough to spring from Jail upon completion
  • Updated Bank:  $30.00 upon completion of all books


The "BL Wheel Decide" Spinny Wheel

(for easy access)

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