Monday, October 22, 2018

Halloween Bingo 2018 | Update #5

Apparently I'm bound and determined not to read for a Bingo...  I had planned ton simply breezing through Daughter of the Midway, the Mermaid, and the Open, Lonely Sea for a quick, easy Bingo line (Row 2).  Now that Spellbound has been called, that is.  But I finished up Houses of Stone for Terrifying Women, and then just felt the need to start in on Desperate Girls... and before I knew it, I'm already 70% done with it and forcing myself to go to sleep.

I will be finishing up Desperate Girls before the night is over, which will give me at least one full row (the last one) read, then I just need to wait for Baker Street Irregulars to be called for another bingo.  I'm going to jump into Daughter of the Midway, which will automatically give me a bingo by filling in Creepy Carnivals... unless I get sidetracked, which would be sad, because the short story is only 32 pages.

Meanwhile, my reading plans have changed, yet again...

I ran to the library to pick up the book for the next Flat Book Society read... and on a whim browsed for the Vivien Chien cozy mystery, A Noodle Shop Mystery, and made a last minute decision to use the first book, Death by Dumpling as my Diverse Voices read.  I'm only on chapter one, but I like what I've read so far... and can really relate to some of the stuff Lana talks about in her introduction.  I think I'm going to enjoy this one!

I think, honestly, the one thing I'm super stoked about is how quickly I've finally caught up with my own Bingo card.  After finishing Desperate Girls and Daughter of the Midway, I will only have five more books to go for a Blackout.  At this point, I'm not sure if that's possible with only nine days left of the month, but I'm going to try!

At the very least, I've discovered three new authors I'm ecstatic about continuing to read from!  That's always a win in my book!

Now if everyone will excuse me, I've got some reading to do...

Updated Marked Card:

So after much deliberation, I've decided to really personalize my card this year... and also because I just couldn't resist using this recent picture of our family dog.  I present to everyone the marker that will depict all of my Called Squares:

Dino Baby!  Rawr!

And that is the extent of my creativity this year... along with that tedious visual you see when you scroll down.  Because the markers for my Read Squares will simply by a book cover to set to the left  side of the square as Dino Baby roars at it from the right side of the square.

Currently Reading:


Squares/Books/Called Dates/Update Post Links:

Progress on my card:  20 squares called || 18 books read || 14 squares completed

Squares called that I do not have:
09/15/18 - Modern Masters of Horror
09/25/18 - Amateur Sleuth
09/29/18 - Supernatural
10/17/18 - Fear the Drowning Deep
10/21/18 - Country House Mystery

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Called:  10/01/18
Read:  10/19/18
Called:  09/21/18
Called:  10/09/18
Called: 09/09/18
Read:  10/05/18
Called: 10/05/18
Read:  09/18/18
Called: 09/05/18
Read:  10/11/18
Called: 09/03/18
Read:  10/14/18
Called:  09/27/18
Read:  10/13/18
Called: 09/17/18
Called:  10/19/18
Read: 09/03/18
Called: 09/01/18
Called: 09/23/18
Read:  10/17/18
Called:  09/19/18
Read:  10/01/18
Read:  10/09/18
Read:  10/11/18
Read:  10/06/18
Called:  10/07/18
Read:  10/17/18
Read:  09/27/18
Called:  09/13/18
Called:  10/13/18
Read:  09/24/18
Called:  09/11/18
Read:  10/22/18
Called:  10/03/18
Read:  09/22/18
Read: 09/06/18
Called: 09/07/18
Halloween Bingo 2018
Ani's Book Abyss

Wild Card Author:

I haven't decided which author to use as my Wild Card yet, but I've been considering using Nora Roberts, as she is a writer of a lot of crime thrillers, romantic suspense, and supernatural, including the Circle trilogy I've chosen for this year's bingo.

Other authors I'm also considering are: Susanna Kearsley, who writes Gothic with a bit of supernatural; Elizabeth Peters, who has a lot of cozy mysteries; or another obvious option, Agatha Christie!

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