Thursday, December 13, 2018

24 Festive Tasks | Door 17: St. Lucia's Day

(December 13)


12/13/2018:  I'm slowing down more and more on my tasks, but I think I've done quite well this year's game already.  I've announced my guess for the fate of the Gävle Goat (without Googling!), and have chosen a possible book for the Book Task.  The other tasks are under consideration or being worked on, so hopefully more points to come!

Task 1

In honor of the Icelandic Jólabókaflóðið / Yule Book Flood tradition, create a (virtual or physical) “book flood” and post a picture of it.

I did some searching and reading up about the Yule Book Flood tradition, mainly because I wasn't entirely sure how to create a "book flood."  While I understand the significance of this tradition, this task may take a bit of thought and work.  I'll come back to it later.

Task 2

Bake a Swedish lussebulle (saffron bun – instructions and recipe: or prepare some other dish containing saffron.

Somehow I'm not sure if I'll do this one.  I might find a recipe with saffron in it, but with a few other activities hanging out there involving learning new recipes that I may or may not do, I'm going to file this one on the back burner for now.

Task 3

Create a “crown of light” from book covers prominently featuring a lighted candle.

I've got some form of idea, but after stretching my imagination with the poppy and the 'Team Book Nerd' pennant, I'm reaching the limits of my art-flexing.  O.O  Will update once I've got something going... and also, finding books with candles on the cover is not easy, apparently.

Task 4

Guess (scout’s honor, NO GOOGLING!): Did the Gävle Goat survive this year?  For background: The Gävle Goat is a straw effigy erected in Gävle, Sweden, every year at the beginning of Advent.  It is infamous for being burned down ahead of time, which as of Advent 2017 has happened in 37 of the 51 years of the tradition’s existence. – The Yule goat lore in turn goes back all the way to the Norse myths, where the god Thor rode a chariot drawn by two goats, and to ancient Indo-European and proto-Slavic beliefs according to which the harvest god appeared in the shape of a goat.  Possibly, it is also linked with Santa Claus and his reindeer-driven sled.
-- GUESS MADE ON 12/13/2018 --

I'm going to guess that, no, it did not survive and has been burned down, based on the historical odds.  It looks as if the poor thing has been burned down more times than not (37 out of 51 years of being burned).

And I'm also now super curious about all the different methods that have been used to take down the goat, thanks to Broken Tune's update post.

And now I sit and await the resulting answer!  =D

Book Task

Set in Scandinavia / Northern Europe, or by a Northern European / Nordic author, or a book newly released in November or December of this year.

Cold Dark Places by Kylie Brant was just released this month, so more than likely I will be reading this one, unless I find something else more interesting.  But since I like Kylie Brant, this book will be fine.

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