Tuesday, March 12, 2019

So I've Published 1000 posts...

Truthfully, I should be more excited about the fact that I've reached another milestone in my blogging life.  But given the fact that I've completely forgotten that my 3rd Blogoversary had just come and gone... well, obviously I'm not much for sentimentality or celebrations.

Nevertheless, I decided to give mention to the fact that I just posted my 1000th post on my 3rd Blogoversary without even realizing it:  BookLikes Snakes and Ladders | Dice Roll #5 & #6

And while a couple years ago, I might have found these milestones worth creating an extensive post of all sorts of stats and links and other such stuff... in present day, I just find it amusing the coincidence that I just so happened to see that my number of published posts equals 1000.  And then, while thinking about interesting milestone, I just so happened to wonder if I'd missed my Blogoversary again... only to realize that it is in fact, at this moment, still March 12, wherein exactly three years ago today, I finally created a personal bookish blog to call home.

Fun, huh?

Anyway, without any other planned stats or content, I'll just leave everyone with a nice "Cheers!"

Now if you'll excuse me, it's obviously time to get off to sleep...

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