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Collective Reading Updates for P.S. I Like You

P.S. I Like You

by Kasie West

~ Goodreads ~

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Progress on 10/30/16:  326 of 326 pages (100%) -- Finished!

Okay, so my attempts at keeping a collective reading update post is probably futile when I finish a book within hours of starting it.  But there was a point throughout the night/morning that I had decided to hold off on some updates... of course, I hadn't counted on sinking into the book so deeply and before I knew it, I was done.

Well, actually, before I knew it, I had less than a hundred pages left of P.S. I Like You left; and you would think that I'd have learned by now that less than a hundred pages still requires one to two hours to finish reading...

Anyway...  I have to say that I think this is the Kasie West I remember falling in love with: Sweet, cutesy love story; quirky characters; quirky family; tons of dry sarcasm and random nonsense...  This is what I love!

And now I've got a bit of a Book Hangover, and while there are a few things here and there that I could have done without, I'm going to honestly say that this is one of Kasie's better works compared to the previous two books she's put out.

I'm still going to have to think on this before I officially post a review though.  Of course, it's entirely possible I'm just going to reiterate everything I just said.

Progress on 10/30/16:  66 of 326 pages (20%)

I'm feeling a slight kinship with Lily:

Isabel sighed.  "I thought that if you didn't know you were goin gon a date tonight, you wouldn't have time to stress.  That you wouldn't practice lines in your mind and imagine outcomes."

"You thought my awkwardness was from preconceived plans to be awkward?"

"Yes, actually."

I laughed.  "Well, now you know the truth."

Progress on 10/30/16:  54 of 326 pages (17%)

I'm really digging the sibling relationship between Lily and her brothers and sister.  It's very cute.  I also love the friendship between Lily and Isabel... but I'm having some really bad "this friendship is going to be seeing some hard times" vibes, and I'm not sure I like that.

I guess, until then (whether those vibes turn out to be true or not), I'll just enjoy the cuteness.

"Monsters in trees," I said to Isabel the next morning when I saw her by our lockers.


"That's what I thought about before going to bed last night.  Are we doing this or not?

She clapped her hands, then bit her lip in thought.

I laughed.  "Gabriel, right?"

"Shhh.  There was something after that.  I'm trying to remember.  Oh!  Nutella crepes."

"Now I'm hungry."

"And I'm confused," Isabel said, shutting her locker.  "Monsters in trees?"

"Fake song idea.  But I actually started a real song, one I'll read to you when I'm done."

"I'd like that."

"This is going to be a fun tradition."

"She laughed.  "It is.  I feel out friendship getting cuter already."

-- Page 54

Backstory:  Basically, Isabel had wanted to start a tradition with Lily as best friends and one of the ideas was to, each morning, telling each other what the last thing they thought about was before going to sleep the night before.  It certainly DOES sound cute.

So far there's a lot of the Kasie West dry humor that I love present in this book, so I'm really enjoying it.  Crossing my fingers and hope that it keeps up and that things don't get too angst-ridden and complicated.  Although with a Kasie West book, the emotional angst usually isn't too heavy and the romance is usually really sweet.

Progress on 10/30/16:  15 of 326 pages (5%)

I have the distinct feeling I already know how this little love story is going to go down.  And to be honest, aside from one little quibble, I'm actually looking forward to it, because it will totally give this book a You've Got Mail vibe, and I'm quite okay with that.

Secondly, the girl on the cover doesn't really connect with the description of the girl in the book.  Lily takes a paragraph to describe her quirky fashion:

Today I was wearing an over-sized button-down that I had found at a thrift story.  I'd cut the sleeves to make it more like a kimono and tied a brown vintage belt at the waist.  On my feet were beat-up red high-top sneakers.  My look was quirky, not trendy, and I would stand out in a group like Lauren's where they were all perfectly put together in their slim-fitting jeans and tank tops.

--Page 6 & 7

The girl on the cover is wearing a pretty dress that, to be honest, doesn't seem to strike me as quirky.  Although she IS wearing the red high-top sneakers (??), though they do not look beat up.

I might be a little put out if this is an indication that Lily gives up her quirky sense of fashion when she starts her little love story.

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