Sunday, June 18, 2017

Booklikes-opoly | Roll #19!

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Over a week ago (yeah, that long), I rolled a 7 and moved from Paradise Pier 28 to Mystery Square 35.  For that square, I read Don't Ever Stop by Leslie A. Kelly, a book where the MC is a police detective.  The book itself was 281 pages, which added $3.00 to my Bank, bringing my balance to $79.00!

Don't Ever Stop was just as fast-paced as the first book; enjoyable with a few things I had trouble agreeing with... and a subtle love triangle that made me wince.  I don't like triangles, and never thought I'd find one in a Rom Suspense, considering how much else is going on.

Anyway, moving along now.

Onto Roll #19:

I rolled an 8 and moved from Mystery Square 35 to Fantasyland 6.

Hmm... Spot the Monkey?  Did my photo booth picture with my BFF scare everyone away?  And there's Teddy Bear, just kind of hanging and sliding downward...

Ah well, maybe I really need to go get a treat to lure Monkey back to the board.

I haven't landed in the Fantasyland squares before, and even though I've got a list of books I could read, I had a hard time figuring out what I was in the mood for.  In the end, I picked five books from my list of possibilities, and did a random draw.

Good ol' Harlequin!  I've been itching to read this book ever since I stumbled across it on Scribd, even in spite of all the less than ideal reviews.

To the Rescue by Jean Barrett is set in Yorkshire, England.  It is 292 pages, which will be worth $6.00 upon completion.

I am still reading, and finishing up my first Free Friday read, which is also worth $6.00; so no matter which book I finish first, it will bring my next Bank Balance update to $85.00!

Current Bank:   $79.00


  1. That picture really doesn't do justice to how beautiful you were at the wedding and are (probably the glasses not doing it for me or the GMO sign). Regardless it wouldn't scare anyone anyway i believe. But you might shock people when you get a foot shorter (exaggeration) when you take off your heels. :)

    1. lol The sign actually says 'OMG', but I'm angling it all sorts of strange on purpose. Was trying for dramatic poses, which is probably working since my BFF hasn't changed the angle of her sign at all.

      Also, don't diss the glasses. I thought they were fabulous! =P

      Thank you for joining our family for the wedding!

    2. I was just trying to be funny, I knew it said OMG. I'm not that old that I wouldn't I? You're fabulous. I really do love your family, I was happy to be invited.

      I'm glad you're still blogging I like to stop in sometimes. I hope me saying that doesn't cause you to not post anything personal or just generally creeps you out.

    3. I don't know... you ARE my OLDER brother's age, aren't you? =D Although, since the truth is, I'm not that much younger than he is, I should probably not throw stones about age... -_-

      As a rule, I usually try to keep more personal stuff out of this book blog, despite what some of few recent posts would suggest. With my little brother's wedding, it was just too exciting not to share!

      But nonetheless, this blog IS mainly just about books and bookish things! Because BOOKS ARE GREAT!!

      So if you find I'm not posting a whole lot about personal stuff, it doesn't have anything to do with your (or anyone's, for that matter) comment. Thanks for stopping by and reading though!