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BL-opoly 2019 | Mid-game Update

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Ani's BL-opoly 2019 Summary Page

So it looks like we're about half-way into BL-opoly 2019!  A lot of activity has been on the BL feed, and a lot of books have been read.  And even while my own progress as far as number of books read, and amount of BL-opoly cash earned is quite stellar, I'm still not up to my usual speed.  But that's fine, because I've been having a lot of fun, especially coming up with ways to model my gaming partners.  And I'm sure everyone's been enjoying following the "Baby and Bear Saga" these past few weeks.

Well, if you thought two puppies were enough to keep us all busy, here's a third tossed in for good measure.

This is the "Good Morning" committee; now feed us all!

Again, excuse the lighting--apparently the stairs is not the best spot for photos.

Bear's big brother Yogi has come to stay with us for a few days, so the house is now swarming with doggies running amok...  Well... actually, Bear is really the only one getting in everybody's business.  Baby is his usual cranky self, trying to keep up with Bear, and Yogi kind of just goes off and does his own thing, i.e., sleeping.

Moving along, here's a bit of an update on the books I've read and for which squares I've read for since BL-opoly 2019 Day One.  I've finished 11 books, with a total page count of 3,658, earning me a total of $67, including passing Go three times.  I haven't yet landed in jail, visiting or otherwise, although now that I've said something I've probably jinxed myself.

With a couple exceptions, I've been mostly lucky enough to be able to choose from books I already own and have been needing to read.  I've even been able to finally knock out a bunch of books that have been collecting virtual dust in my Kindle library for forever, which coincidentally also helps me finish up two book series that needed finishing.

I feel like I'm making excellent progress!  And it feels damn good!  =D

Books and Squares

Roll #1 | The Silk Road
Hard Target by Pamela Clare (Cobra Elite #1)
Rating:  3.5 Stars

The first book for BL-opoly read, enjoyed, and happily devoured because, Pamela Clare!

How the book fits:  This book took place for at least 75% to 80% of the book in Afghanistan, which is one of the 40 countries listed as being along the Silk Road.

See my review below:
Thoughts: Hard Target

Roll #2 | Mountain Cabin 16
Tightrop by Amanda Quick (Burning Cove #3)
Rating:  3.0 Stars

Amanda Quick books are easy and fun to read, and typically follow a formula and romance that I find enjoyable.  Tightrope was no exception, though as I mention in my brief review, there may or may not have been too many characters to keep up with for my liking.

How the book fits:  Tightrope is a murder mystery and romantic suspense in one, so definitely fits the square quite well!

This book's review can be found in:  Packaged Thoughts June 2019: A Bunch of Book Rambles

Roll #3 | The Lake House 20
Run to Ground by Katie Ruggle (Rocky Mountain K9 Unit #1)
Rating:  3.5 Stars

Run to Ground could be cute at times, but it was also frustratingly open-ended with a lot of loose ends.  I mention as much in my short review (see link below).

How the book fits:  Obviously, I went with a book that had a dog on the cover.  This was easy to pick.

This review may also be found in:  Packaged Thoughts June 2019: A Bunch of Book Rambles

Roll #4 (Memorial Day Bonus) | The Summer Blockbuster 27
Wolfskin by Juliet Marillier (Saga of the Light Isles #1)
Rating:  2.5 Stars

I love Juliet Marillier, but I have to grudgingly admit that this wasn't one of my favorite of hers.  A little too deep, a little too predictable, and a little too cliche.  I think I like some of her later work more.  But Wolfskin DOES showcase some of the magical that is Juliet Marillier's writing.

How the book fits:  This book was the standard high fantasy adventure, with a hero who started the book out as a young boy, and who slowly grew into a hero as the book progressed, through his challenges and travels.

See my review:
Rambling Thoughts: Wolfskin

Roll #5 (Memorial Day Bonus) | European Vacation 35
A Grave Matter by Anna Lee Huber (Lady Darby Mystery #3)
Rating:  3.5 Stars

I think I liked the previous book more, but this one had a little more romance, and maybe some unnecessary romantic angst.  Nevertheless, still a very enjoyable Lady Darby addition.

How the book fits:  All of the Lady Darby books have taken place in Scotland so far, and this one was no exception, and so definitely fits as a book set in Europe.

See my review:
Thoughts: A Grave Matter

Roll #6 | Mountain Cabin 18
Stone Cold Heart by Laura Griffin (Tracers #13)
Rating:  3.5 Stars

I always look forward to the next Tracers book, and Stone Cold Heart is no exception.  Even in spite of Griffin's continued formulaic romances, I find these to be tried and true books that I don't mind coming back to.  At the very least, her crime thriller is typically quite gritty, sometimes bordering on the dark.  And the forensic aspect of this series is always a big plus!

How the book fits:  This book is set in Texas, which is listed as a state west of the Mississippi.

See my review:
Thoughts: Stone Cold Heart

Roll #7 | European Vacation 33
The Indignation of Haruhi Suzumiya by Nagaru Tanigawa (Haruhi Suzumiya #8)
Rating:  3.5 Stars

Another standard installation to the Haruhi Suzumiya series, both entertaining and strange and larger than life.

How the book fits:  I went for the "author whose first or last name begins with any letter in the word L-O-N-D-O-N" part of the task.  Nagaru Tanigawa definitely fits the bill.

See my review:
Brief Thoughts: The Indignation of Haruhi Suzumiya

Roll #8 | School's Out For Summer 1
Going Rogue by Robin Benway (Also Known As #2)
Rating:  3.5 Stars

A great ending to the Also Known As duology, reminding me of why I liked the first book so much.

How the book fits:  This book is identified as YA.

See my review:
Brief Thoughts: Going Rogue

Roll #9 | Beach Week 10
Chasing Evil by Kylie Brant (Circle of Evil #1)
Rating:  3.5 Stars

With a few exceptions, this was a pretty good first book to a great serial killer trilogy by Kylie Brant.  The romance was a little hard to get into at first, but I think I liked how it was handled.  The crime thriller aspect was also great to follow, and the characters start growing on you after a while.

How the book fits:  This author's last name starts with 'B,' fitting the criteria for the author's first or last name beginning with any letter in B-E-A-C-H.

See my review:
Series Review: Circle of Evil (coming soon)

Roll #10 | Mountain Cabin 16
Touching Evil by Kylie Brant (Circle of Evil #2)
Rating:  3.5 Stars

I liked this second book a little bit more than the first, but that's probably because we've established the relationships and we're more familiar with all the characters.  But it didn't really give us much different than the first book except for some development in the romance.

How the book fits:  This book is considered romantic suspense / suspense genre.

See my review:
Series Review: Circle of Evil (coming soon)

Roll #11 | The Lake House 19
Facing Evil by Kylie Brant (Circle of Evil #3)
Rating:  3.5 Stars

A nice, well-rounded ending to Kylie Brant's Circle of Evil trilogy, though it doesn't escape my notice how over-powered our serial killer seems to be.  And I feel like we didn't need a third damsel in distress scenario... but overall, this was an enjoyable book, even if not a personal favorite.

How the book fits:  The author's first name starts with a 'K.'  Fits the criteria for the first or last name starting with any letter in the word L-A-K-E.

See my review:
Series Review: Circle of Evil (coming soon)

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