Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First Impression: A Night to Surrender

A Night to Surrender

by Tessa Dare
Book 1 of Spindle Cove

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Progress on 1/3/2017:  Page 22 of 437 (5%)

I am already very interested in how this book will progress, and am very glad that I stumbled across some of the reviews I did that praised the Spindle Cove series and Tessa Dare.

Susanna is already turning out to be an interesting character.  I love the comical undertones of the story's humor, and I'm impressed with the way she's handling Mrs. Highwood's stuffy, high society personality.

I'm also quite in love with Minerva Highwood already, a nerdy academic after my own heart.  I was ecstatic to find that Book 2 of Spindle Cove will belong to her.  And that we will be seeing more of the three Highwood sisters as well.

The men are a little strange, I'll give it that--blowing up sheep, indeed.

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