Monday, January 9, 2017

Starting: Once Upon a Winter's Eve

Once Upon a Winter's Eve

by author
#1.5 (novella) of Spindle Cove

~ Goodreads ~

Progress on 1/9/17:  4% complete

I don't normally do updates for novellas or anything short, since they are usually bite-sized and take no time to finish reading.  But I needed to share, because I absolutely adore Tessa Dare's witticisms.

Not even one page into this book and I'm already quirking my mouth in amusement.

In December of 1813, the officers' ball had a profound effect on Spindle Cove's economy.  Seeing as how the village was mostly women, certain commodities ran scarce.

Hairpins, for one.  Ribbons, for another.  Curling papers came at a premium.

And corners.  Corners were the scarcest thing of all.

Because there were only four in any given ballroom, and here in Spindle Cove, so many ladies were drawn to them.

As an experienced wallflower, Violet Winterbottom knew to stake her ground and guard it.

She'd claimed her niche on arrival.  A comfortable alcove of the Summerfield grand hall, lightly scented with a hanging bayberry wreath and conveniently situated near the bowl of mulled wine.

Oh, Violet!  I'm already feeling a kinship with you!

What else will I find in this novella that I will be tempted to share with my fellow readers?

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