Friday, January 13, 2017

Collective Reading Updates for A Week to be Wicked

A Week to be Wicked

by Tessa Dare
Book 2 of Spindle Cove

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Progress on 1/13/2017:  112 of 423 pages (26%)

Oh my!  Nakedness happened quite fast!  O.O

And so casually as well.  I had not expected that at all!

And with no sexy times involved either!  Interesting...

Progress on 1/13/2017:  108 of 423 pages (25%)

Oh, ouch, Lord Payne.  And the conversation was going so well...

"As a matter of fact, I did not earn high marks in maths.  I could have done.  But I made certain not to."


"Are you joking?  Because no one likes boys who excel in maths.  Priggish little bores, always hunched over their slates.  They all have four eyes and no friends."

Progress on 1/13/2017:  106 of 423 pages (25%)

Oh, Minverva!  Such academic nerdiness!

This book is coming along smoothly so far and has turned out a little different than what I'd expected, character-wise.  I would have liked it Minverva weren't as besotted with the rakish Lord Payne as many other girls, but this will do as well.

And also, embroidering an ammonite shell onto her trousseau linen?  Genius.

"I worked hard on this.  The calculations were intricate.  I counted hundreds of stitches to get every last chamber right."  She ran a fingertip over the ridges of thread, spiraling out from the center.  "It's not just a haphazard pattern, you realize.  Nature adheres to mathematical principles.  Each chamber of the ammonite's shell expands on the last, according to a precise, unchanging exponent."

How can you not love this girl?

And also, her words remind me of these YouTube videos I watched involving math, spirals, and plants via, put together by Vi Hart (see Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant ).

Anyway, also this:

"Yes, yes.  I understand.  It's a logarithm."

Her head whipped up.  She adjusted her spectacles and started at him.

"You know," he said, "this design begins to appeal to me after all.  Sea slugs aren't the least bit arousing, but logarithms... I've always thought that word sounded splendidly naughty."  He let it roll off his tongue with ribald inflection.  "Logarithm."  He gave an exaggerated shiver.  "Ooh.  Yes and thank you and may I have some more."

"Lots of mathematical terms sound that way.  I think it's because they were all coined by men.  'Hypotenuse' is downright lewd."

"'Quadrilateral' brings rather carnal images to mind."

She was silent for a long time.  Then one of her dark eyebrows arched.  "Not so many as 'rhombus.'"

Okay... yes.  We just had a conversation about how sexually stimulating math can be.  I never thought I'd see the day...  And also, I may not look at mathematical terms the same way again.

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