Saturday, January 14, 2017

Collective Reading Updates for Spider's Bite

Spider's Bite

by Jennifer Estep
Book 1 of Elemental Assassin

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Review for Spider's Bite | link coming soon

Progress on 1/14/2017:  9 of 395 pages (2%)

Five minutes later... first chapter read...

Wow.  That first chapter was certainly a bloody start to an intriguing premise.

I'm sensing a Robin Hood-esque twist to this book, or something of the like.  Y'know--an assassin with morals... or a killer with a code of ethics.  It'll be interesting to see what kind of a person Gin turns out to be.

Progress on 1/14/2017:  Just starting--none read

So far, I've been wavering on what squares of Romance Bingo 2017 to use each book I've read for.  But I definitely will be reading Spider's Bite for the 'Urban Fantasy' square.  And this book doubles as part of my Reading Assignment Challenge as well! =D

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