Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Reading Assignment Challenge -- Fourth (Last) Quarterly Report Card

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October ramblings:  October was a wonderful month for reading, what with Halloween Bingo!  I managed to read my assigned books... and then some.  Hurrah for me!

November ramblings:  And then we come into November and I hit that infamous slump I'm usually known for by the end of each year.  Slumps just happen, I guess.  I finished one of my assigned books for November... that is all...

December ramblings:  It's quite obvious what happened.  When my slump hit in November, I didn't get around to reading as many books as I'd intended.  So when December rolled around, I realized that there were more books on my TBR crammed into December than I could handle--because these were all books I'd been hoping to finish before the end of 2017.  With this overwhelming revelation... I just kind of gave up and decided to read whatever I felt like.

Fourth Quarter:
My Grade:  I Made a C...

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A Summary

The year had started out rocky and then made a nice pick up in the second and third quarter... and then came back into that downward slump in the last quarter.  I've got nothing more to say--life happens.

The books I didn't read:

I'm not rolling these two books over for 2018's Reading Assignment--I'm not feeling them at the moment, and I'm not sure I will be feeling in the mood for them any time in the next few months.  I'll probably read The Magicians' Guild at some point, since I own the entire trilogy in paperback, but I don't know when that will be.

As for Bringing Down Sam... maybe on a rainy afternoon.

A Forecast

There are a new set of rules for the next Reading Assignment Challenge in 2018, which actually made me consider joining once more, even though I'd thought about stopping after 2017's disaster.  For more information, I will direct everyone to the main sign-up page at Because Reading, as well as my own announcement of participation post.

Yes, I'm still playing, so hop on over to my announcement post to see which books I've chosen for the first half of the year.  More deets in that post as well!

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