Saturday, January 13, 2018

Read-a-thon: 24 in 48! January 2018 | Ani's Plans!

So here is the basic gist of this read-a-thon as copied from the 24 in 48 Readathon site:

Beginning at 12:01am on Saturday morning and running through 11:59pm on Sunday night, readers read for 24 hours out of that 48 hour period.  You can split that up however you’d like: 20 hours on Saturday, 4 hours on Sunday; 12 hours each day; six 4 hour sessions with 4 hour breaks in between; whatever you’d like.

So January 2018's 24in48 will be the weekend of the 27th and 28th!  I'm super pumped, and hopefully I won't be disturbed.  I don't work that weekend, so I'm going to comb my reading lists and see what I can get lined up for the thon.  Maybe, it'll include some of the following books:

I'm not sure what I want to read yet, but these are some that I'm wanting to get to at some point this year.  These are also books I own that have been awaiting my attention, so I hope I can get to them some time, if not during the read-a-thon!

Happy reading everyone!

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