Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters To Visit Past and Future

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~~ Ten Characters You'd Like to Visit ~~

~~ 10 Years From Now or 10 Years Ago ~~

This week for Top Ten Tuesday, the topic is is a kind of time machine topic (as my post title implies).  The actual topic had been Ten Childhood Characters You'd Love to Revisit as Adults.  An alternate to this topic includes using YA characters and dropping in on them ten years into their futures; or you can choose adult characters and drop in on them ten years ago when they were just kids... or ten years younger, I guess, depending on how old your adult character is.

I have a scattering of choices, both adult and YA... and maybe some children as well, so I'm going to split this list up into two groups, though I must confess, the more I stared at my list, the more YA characters popped up, so the list is a little unbalanced.

Also, a warning that some endings may be spoiled in an effort to write this post.  Apologies in advance.

YA/Childhood Characters 10 Years From Now

1.  Blue and Her Raven Boys and Henry Cheng | The Raven Cycle series -- This one is a no brainer.  As I have just finished reading The Raven King, a glorious conclusion, I'd love to be able to drop in on all our beloved characters ten years from now.  I'm thinking the number of teens in this book, whether from Blue to Ronan or even Henry Cheng or little Matthew... they will all definitely cover at least five characters.

2.  EVERYONE | The Lunar Chronicles --  I would love nothing more than to revisit these characters, especially Thorne, Cress, Cinder, Iko, Wolf... (if I keep listing I'll just list all of them, no?), ten years from present.  Especially Thorne!!  Again, this character count is probably more than enough to fulfill the ten character count completely.  Which is why I don't want to name too many names.

I ♥ Thorne!

3.  Caymen & Xander, et al | The Distance Between Us -- Caymen was one of my favorite YA characters when I started reading YA religiously.  And The Distance Between Us was one of my favorite Kasie West books since that time forward.  I'd love to see where this couple has ended up as well as their friends and others associated.

4.  Addie & Trevor & Laila & Conner | Pivot Point duology -- Another Kasie West set with characters I DID love a lot and I DO wonder how things ended up for these teens since the ending was kind of open-ended.

5.  Iolanthe & Titus | The Elemental Trilogy -- We get to see a short glimpse of their lives after the events of the last book, but I would love to see more.  Oh, so much more!  Because Iolanthe & Titus!  Just because!

6.  Neryn & Flint | Shadowfell Trilogy -- I love these two.  And the ending was such an open-ended one even if completely satisfying.  But I still need me some more of these two.  I'd settle for a novella... or even a short story.

7.  Zahra & Aladdin | The Forbidden Wish -- Zahra and Aladdin aren't my favorite couple, but they still merit a nice little "what became of them after the events of their story" posting.  I'd like to see how they are ten years into the future, definitely.  And also because I just finished the book and they're still fresh in my memory.

Adult Characters 10 Years Ago

8.  The Garrets, the BOIs, and the One-Eyed Jacks, and pretty much everyone else associated | Bodyguards series, Black Ops, Inc. series, One-Eyed Jacks series -- I would like to be able to meet some of the Cindy Gerard characters when they were teens, or even when they were adolescents embarking into that gray area we now call New Adult.  I think it would be interesting.  Specifically I'd like to visit with Johnny Duane Reed and Mike Brown, my two favorite special operatives.  I'd even like to visit with Tink (Crystal Debrowski) when she was a spunky youth, maybe training with her father to someday become a police officer.

Of course, these guys certainly aren't as much fun without each other, that's for sure.

9.  The Steele Street Boys | Steele Street series -- There are always flashbacks and mentions of the Steele Street boys when they were young and juvenile delinquents and when they were all thrown together at old Professor McKinney's little archaeology camp to work off their juvenile delinquency.  And I'm curious to see what these boys were like when they were young, because they're quite a hoot as grown men.

10.  The March siblings | Lady Julia Grey series -- Suffice it to say, I may not have loved this series, but I did find the March family fascinating, even all the annoying ones.  We get to read about Julia describing moments in their young lives, growing up in the March household and being generally radical children, raised to think in radical ways by their unorthodox, yet hypocritical father.  I figure it must have been a fun time.

Of course, we'd have to travel more than ten years back in time to see these siblings as youngsters.


  1. I would definitely love to revisit Blue and her Raven Boys in ten years time (and I haven't even finished The Raven King yet!).
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/03/top-ten-tuesday-55/

    1. I love their friendship as teens; I'd love even more to see how things end up for them ten years down the line! I already miss them now that I'm done with the series. I ♥ Gansey!