Sunday, May 8, 2016

Very Brief Thoughts: Risk the Night

Risk the Night (novella)

by Anne Stuart

~ Goodreads ~

Rating:  2.0 Stars

Reporter Maddy Banks doesn't realize what she's getting into when she makes arrangements to have an anonymous interview with an assassin. Her life in Paris was safe, with a devoted if slightly smug boyfriend and a career that was slowly taking off. When she first meets the man calling himself Constantine she can't see him and his voice is disguised. Even so, she feels a distinct, erotic pull that horrifies her.

Con has no use for relationships, particularly with a reporter. But he can't get Maddy Banks out of his mind, and when he runs into her later that evening he can't resist playing with fire Neither of them had any idea how brightly it would burn.

This one made me wonder if it tied into any of the other books Anne Stuart has written or even the Ice series that I have yet to start reading.

But aside from that, I didn't even really feel much with this short novella. Aside from several glaringly obvious (and kind of annoying for a short story) typos, this little story was just barely 'OK' for me. It wasn't atrocious -- I could see where we could have gone with it.

As my first taste of Anne Stuart, I hope this isn't the kind of writing I have to look forward to since I AM quite interested in reading her Ice series.

This review was originally posted at Ani's Book Abyss / BookLikes in June 2014.

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