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Very Brief Thoughts: If She Only Knew

If She Only Knew

by Lisa Jackson
Book 1 of San Francisco

~ Goodreads ~

Rating:  2.0 Stars


Not only has Marla Cahill survived a deadly car accident, but her beautiful features have been restored through plastic surgery. She should be grateful. Instead, she's consumed by confusion... and panic. For the people gathered at her bedside — her family — are strangers. And so is the woman whose haunted eyes stare back from the mirror...


Secluded at the magnificent Cahill mansion, Marla waits for something to trigger recognition. Yet the only thing she's left with is the unshakable feeling that she is not who everyone says she is, and that something is very, very wrong...


Determined to piece together the truth of her identity, she finds herself drawn to her brother-in-law, Nick — a man who seems both to want and despise her. And as her fractured mind slowly clears, Marla begins to have flashes of another life... of cruel betrayals and deadly secrets. Marla's life isn't just different — it's in danger, controlled by a twisted killer who's waiting for the right moment to strike... the moment Marla remembers...

This book is written well and the mood is set properly, but there wasn't really much story to speak of. I enjoyed it well enough, but while the story progressed and things are revealed, it still feels like a whole lot of nothing continues to happen.

The ending is what ruined the book for me--everything just kind of fell together without real reason and tied itself up in a neat little package that I could still see a bunch of holes in.

I will continue to read Lisa Jackson if only because I found her writing style agreeable, and because I'd like to test another of her novels before I write her off or anything like that.

This was just a typical drama-filled murder mystery that I kept imagining having some sort of overdone, soap opera soundtrack accompanying it. It was entertaining, at the very least, even if I really only managed to finish it because I was curious enough to see how Jackson would tie the story together--the mystery was fairly predictable from Day One.

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