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Brief Thoughts: Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

by Julie James

~ Goodreads ~

Rating:  3.5 Stars

Payton Kendall and J.D. Jameson are lawyers who know the meaning of objection. A feminist to the bone, Payton has fought hard to succeed in a profession dominated by men. Born wealthy, privileged, and cocky, J.D. has fought hard to ignore her. Face to face, they’re perfectly civil. They have to be. For eight years they’ve kept a safe distance and tolerated each other as co-workers for one reason only: to make partner at the firm.

But all bets are off when they’re asked to join forces on a major case. At first apprehensive, they begin to appreciate each other’s dedication to the law—and the sparks between them quickly turn into attraction. But the increasingly hot connection doesn’t last long when they discover that only one of them will be named partner. Now it’s an all out war. And the battle between the sexes is bound to make these lawyers hot under the collar...

A typical Julie James Contemporary Romance with her standard witty and intelligent characters. There is fun banter and fun humor. There were faults and flaws that got me a little frustrated and then there was a bit of monotonous happenings nearing the end, but it's a good thing I enjoy Julie James books for specific reasons even if not for the full extent of the storyline by itself.

Enjoyable nonetheless.

I had intended on letting myself sit on this book for a little bit of time and then writing a somewhat formal review. But in the end, I just couldn't come up with much more to say about it.

Julie James excels in her witty banter and intelligent, sophisticated characters. Sure, they sometimes come off a bit "high-society" and maybe a bit GQ at times, but enjoyable is enjoyable and I do not deny that I tend to have a lot of fun reading a Julie James Contemporary Romance even if it isn't exactly my favorite genre in the world.

Overall: At the sake of repetition--Enjoyable is enjoyable. Fun and witty is fun and witty. Even if the story line isn't all that inspiring (and sometimes tends toward the standard formulaic), a good crew of characters will often do the job to make me overlook all sorts of negatives. And witty banter is always a plus.


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This review was originally posted at Ani's Book Abyss / BookLikes in January 2015.

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