Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cover Crush: Far Gone by Laura Griffin

Cover Crush is a feature originally thought up by Erin at Flashlight Commentary.  Every Thursday, she publishes a post featuring a book jacket/book cover that she really likes with a short commentary about it.  I discovered this weekly feature via It's a Mad Mad World  and decided to join in the fun!

Judge a book by it's cover?  Absolutely!


I have a thing for simple cover illustrations with little detail.  And while Far Gone's cover doesn't really exhibit anything all that outstanding, it somehow drew my attention.  I just simply really like looking at this cover and find it kind of intriguing.  If that's the right word to use.

It also helps that I am a fan of Laura Griffin's romantic suspense novels.  Granted, the rest of her books in the Tracers series don't have very stand-out cover illustrations; but the newest two Tracers books are kind of simple as well--and I'm drawn to them for reasons I can't really pinpoint.

Also, for romantic suspense books, they are definitely a refreshingly different kind of cover from the standard ones with the half-naked men in your face (not that I mind the half-naked men, or anything).

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