Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cover Crush: By Book Or By Crook by Eva Gates

Cover Crush is a feature originally thought up by Erin at Flashlight Commentary.  Every Thursday, she publishes a post featuring a book jacket/book cover that she really likes with a short commentary about it.  I discovered this weekly feature via It's a Mad Mad World  and decided to join in the fun!

Judge a book by it's cover?  Absolutely!


The impression I've always gotten from cozy mystery book cover illustrations are either a) tacky, or b) cutesy.  By Book Or By Crook just happens to have one that is actually quite cute.  And also, I like lighthouses, so it works out.  It's not the best book cover illustration in the world, but the setting is one I like, and so I chose it as a Cover Crush for this week.

I honestly really think it's just really to do with the lighthouse.  Now if the background were nighttime then this cover would be even more fantastic.  At least that's what I feel, personally.

Here are the rest of the Lighthouse Library Mystery covers.  I don't really like them quite as much, but they're cute too.

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