Monday, June 13, 2016

My TBR List -- June Winner!

My TBR List is a monthly meme hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading.
The basic gist of this activity is to have others help decide on which book out of three I'm selecting from my TBR pile I should read for the month via votes.  The posts will be published on the first two Saturdays (voting and winning book announcement, respectively), and the winning book review will be posted on the last Saturday of the month.
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So according to the masses, the book I will be reading for My TBRL this month is:

Hanover House by Brenda Novak won with 8 out of 12 votes!


Last week, the books I had everyone vote on were:
The Hanover Square Affair by Ashley Gardner
Icebound by Dean Koontz
Hanover House by Brenda Novak

To be totally honest, with the landslide voting for this month, I probably could have gone ahead and scheduled this post for Saturday, and have it automatically post while I was out of town.  But for some reason, between packing and being a general lazy ass, I just ended up NOT doing that.

No matter.  Better late than never, but I DO apologize for the delayed posting.

Again, thank you to everyone for voting!

Coming up next for the My TBR List:

  • 6/25/2016:  Review of the winning book, Hanover House by Brenda Novack
  • 7/2/2016:  July's My TBR List Voting



  1. yay this was the one I voted for! I hope it's a good one.

  2. I picked that one! Yay! I hope you enjoy it, I love the creepy cover! Happy Reading!

    1. The creepy cover was definitely a deciding factor. Thanks!