Monday, January 28, 2019

24in48 January 2019 Readathon: Wrap Up

... with an 'It's Monday!' twist!!

My reading progress over the past week had been quite pathetic, and the truth is that I did most of my reading over the weekend during the 24in48 readathon.  So, with my determination to try and do a weekly update on my reading life via the 'It's Monday!' meme, I present a joint post this time, which is much more fitting... and also serves my laziness in creating only the one post for two updates together!


After my last update a little before midnight on Saturday/Sunday, I crashed to a sleep and didn't wake up until around nine or so, Sunday morning, and completely missed my Hour Thirty Two Update.  After piddling around for a bit and getting ready for the day, I decided to just make the most of my morning and hope to have some progress by Hour Forty...

Well, then my brother and his wife asked if I wanted to join them for lunch.  And me, being a food fanatic, decided that that would be an excellent idea.  Following, I spent a good chunk of the afternoon hanging out with him, mostly helping him assemble a newly bought exercise machine.

As the day wore on, I figured I'd finally get some time to do some reading...

Which also didn't happen due to other family socializing that was calling my attention.

As is per usual during a readathon, I let myself be distracted.  But oh well, it's the thought that counts and I still think I did quite well for all the progress I made on Saturday, but didn't make on Sunday.  I spent that last two hours of my Sunday night diving head first back into Mr. Ridley and almost lost track of the time spent reading that I was tracking for the rest of 24in48.  Then I proceeded to continue reading the book after midnight until I realized that, maybe I needed to get to sleep if I wanted to be bright and shiny for Monday at work.

We all need to be bright and shiny for Monday at work, otherwise it just feels like a bad omen for the rest of the week.

Moving right along...

My totals for 24in48 are as follows:
  • Total Time Spent Reading:  7:33:15
  • Total Pages Read:  415
  • Total Minutes Listened To:  57
  • Total Books Read:  0
So I finished no books over the readathon weekend, which in turn means that I managed to finish no books at all the entire week leading up to readathon weekend.  This 'It's Monday!' post now ends up fairly lackluster indeed.

But no fear, as I'd already stated, I think I made very good progress over the weekend anyway.  Meanwhile, this post was supposed to go up earlier, but I ended up caught in Mr. Ridley, flying through the rest of the book and finishing it, and now stuck in a hangover of FEELS.  I am DEFINITELY getting the next book, and sort of wish that the third book was already published so there would be no waiting.

Following, I'm going to jump back into Lethal White next, and maybe give The Disappearing Spoon a couple chapters each day until I finish it.  Being that Lethal White is an e-book borrow and is due back by the first of February before it cycles back into a long hold/wait list, I'm actually more determined to get it read before it gets auto turned in... which then I will have to probably wait another two or three months before I can check it out again.

Following, I only have around two and a half hours of The Neverending Story to finish, so I will also be getting back to that book as well, with the hopes that I can make full marks on my Reading Assignment Challenge for January.

Books Read

I didn't actually finish reading Mr. Ridley in time to count it for either books read last week nor 24in48, but I'd like to acknowledge it as read anyway since this post is going up later than I'd intended.

Currently Reading

What's Next

Obviously I'm not going to be getting to all of these books in the next week.  But February is rolling around the corner, and that begins a new round of Amanda Quick books and Historical books.  Being that I don't know which book I'd like to start first (I will probably employ a monkey post-it random book draw again), I'm just listing all the books I'm planning on getting to soon.

February also marks the beginning of the next Discworld read, so I AM going to try to start Equal Rites when February starts.  I'm also itching to get my hands on The Devil is French, all the while knowing that the last book won't be released for a while and that I can't just jump right into it... so I'm going to try to restrain myself.

But that's okay.  I can always find joy in Amanda Quick books, and I will also be reading Pamela Clare's Blakewell/Kenleigh Family trilogy for Professor Genre's Reading Assignment in February.  And I've always enjoyed Pamela Clare, even if they were usually contemporary, so now I'll get to see how well I like her historical books.

But before any of that, I've still got three books to finish...

Until the next readathon, folks!  =D

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