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Bout of Books 24: Weekend Update

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda Shofner and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, January 7th and runs through Sunday, January 13th in whatever time zone you are in.  Bout of Books is low-pressure.   There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional.

For all Bout of Books 24 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog.  - From the Bout of Books team

I had been hoping to stick with my tentative hopefuls (listed below) up until I got a notice from my library that my hold for Lethal White was available.  The truth is, due to a lot of real life constraints, as well as my determination to finish reading a bunch of other books back in October for Halloween Bingo, I bypassed the first time Lethal White became available for me via library e-book hold list.

So I am extremely happy that my turn came back around so quickly... although now I need to figure out how to insert all the other books I'm trying to get read, because I'd forgotten that I was still on the holds list for this book.  HOW I could even forget is a mystery to me, because Queen Rowling!  I've already jumped into the book, and already am looking forward to the rest of it... though I could do with less of the romance that seems to be building between Strike and Robin.  I kind of see where it's coming from, but I really feel like Strike and Robin make a better team as a platonic investigating partnership.

And I definitely could do with less Matthew, that prick.

Anyway, I've finished one more book and need one more to meet my goal of three books read for the readathon.  Three books was always a pretty realistic goal for me to read in one week, though I admit I'd been wary of how well I would progress based on the still lingering reading slump that's mocking me in the background.  But we're slowly battling that reading slump and climbing out of that ditch.

Lost Island is just a bit slow-going for me, even though it's rather easy to read, and written well, and DOES kind of draw you in.  I admit, this was probably not the Phyllis A. Whitney to start with, having never read her before--I'm having issues with the characters who are all coming off a bit over-dramatic.  I will maybe take recommendations on other books written by her.  I still have possession of The Ebony Swan, however, and am quite loathe to turn it into the library before reading it...

Meanwhile, as of the end of Friday night, I've read a total of 683 pages, and probably would have read more from Lost Island if not for the fact that the night was growing later and I needed to get to sleep.  Of course that didn't keep me from starting and flying through the first two chapters of The Bride by Julie Garwood...

Sleep is not my friend.

I'm really hoping to finish Lost Island before the weekend is over and to focus on that book... but reading moods are wishy-washy and I'm being drawn towards The Bride... no matter that our heroine is quite the Mary Sue (the annoying kind who's beautiful and smart and resourceful and can't even let herself to be upset with a good-for-nothing father, and just goes with everything he tells her even though it's obvious to EVERYONE that he's just a lazy bum who's been taking advantage of her angelic goodness and hard-working character).  And yet... I had to make myself put the book down before I lost more sleep, because I was totally going to just keep going if I didn't have a long work day ahead of me.

Books Read

The Anatomist's Wife
by Anna Lee Huber
386 pages / 89 pages read pre-readathon /
297  pages read during readathon
Progress:  Completed on Tuesday, 01/08/2019
-- 132 pages read on Monday, 01/07/2019
-- 148 pages read on Tuesday, 01/08/2019

With This Ring
by Amanda Quick
384 pages / 46 pages read pre-readathon /
338 pages read during readathon
Progress:  Completed on Friday, 01/11/2019
-- 0 pages read on Monday, 01/07/2019
-- 12 pages read on Tuesday, 01/08/2019
-- 46 pages read on Wednesday, 01/09/2019
-- 23 pages read on Thursday, 01/10/2019
-- 259 pages read on Friday, 01/11/2019

Books I'm Currently Reading

The Neverending Story
by Michael Ende | narrated by Gerard Doyle
822 minutes / 89 minutes listened to pre-readathon
Progress:  89 of 822 minutes listened to
-- 0 minutes listened to on Monday, 01/07/2019
-- 0 minutes listened to on Tuesday, 01/08/2019
-- 0 minutes listened to on Wednesday, 01/09/2019
-- 0 minutes listened to on Thursday, 01/10/2019
-- 0 minutes listened to on Friday, 01/11/2019

Lost Island
by Phyllis A. Whitness
250 pages / 30 pages read pre-readathon
Progress:  30 of 250 pages read
-- 0 pages read on Monday, 01/07/2019
-- 0 pages read on Tuesday, 01/08/2019
-- 0 pages read on Wednesday, 01/09/2019
-- 0 pages read on Thursday, 01/10/2019
-- 30 pages read on Friday, 01/11/2019

Lethal White
by Robert Galbraith
656 pages / 0 pages read pre-readathon
Progress: 33 of 656 pages read
-- 33 pages read on Friday, 01/11/2019

The Bride
by Julie Garwood
388 pages / 0 pages read pre-readathon
Progress:  47 of 388 pages read
-- 47 pages read on Friday, 01/11/2019

Read-a-thon Hopefuls

I'm going to try to have as much fun as I can.  If anyone else is interested in joining the read-a-thon, the badge at the top of this post will take you to the Bout of Books official website.  The link under the picture takes you directly to the sign-up post. Let's all have some fun for this week of a read-a-thon!

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