Sunday, January 6, 2019

Reading Progress Updates for The Iron Queen

The Iron Queen
by Julie Kagawa
Book 3 of The Iron Fey

I have nothing extra to say about these updates or the review itself.  Enjoy.

Some Random Status Updates @ Goodreads

(These random status updates were posted from September 23 to September 24, 2013.)

On 9/23/2013 @ 06:45 A.M. - Page 23 of 384:
I guess it's time to get back on track now that I've had a few books to pad out the frustrations from The Iron Daughter.  I'm just hoping that this one will at least give me the motivation I need to want to finish the series.  I didn't check these books out from the library for no reason.

On 9/23/2013 @ 07:52 P.M. - Page 70 of 384:
The going is good with this one.  As per usual, I love the writing style and the magically created world and adventure.  Meghan could still stand to be a little less self-absorbed (and a little less stupid), but she's getting better and that's what counts, right?  Still holding out hope.

On 9/24/2013 @ 05:15 A.M. - Page 85 of 384:
Meghan isn't getting any less dramatic or selfish.  And the romance still makes me want to kick something...  But at least we're getting somewhere with the adventure; not that the rest of the story line in faery world was ever a weak point, since that's the only part of the series I've been enjoying.

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