Sunday, January 6, 2019

Reading Progress Updates for The Iron King

The Iron King
by Julie Kagawa
Book 1 of The Iron Fey

I have nothing extra to say about these updates or the review itself.  Enjoy.

Pre-Review Thoughts

(Part of The Iron King review on September 11, 2013.)

This book was just as much fun as I thought it would be, entertaining, thrilling, and magical.  Of course, with praises come quibbles that I can't seem to shake.  I have some thoughts, though only few that really stand out -- which probably means I'll have more than a short and sweet two paragraphs of opinions I usually claim to have.

Review to come when thoughts are mustered, and hopefully I can keep thoughts from the next book out of this review since I've already started Iron Daughter.

This update originally posted at Goodreads in September 2013.

Some Random Status Updates @ Goodreads

(These random status updates were posted from September 9 to September 10, 2013.)

On 9/9/2013 @ 02:00 P.M. - Page 27 of 363:
I downloaded a sample of this book during a bored moment.  And then almost immediately, I decided that I wanted to read this.  So... off to the library, seeing as how I've hit my monthly book spending limit (yes, I have to give myself a limit).  And so here we are.

On 9/9/2013 @ 07:55 P.M. - Page 105 of 363:
Fast-paced, adventurous, freaky fantastical Alice-like elements... This book is definitely out to win my heart. My only regret is that I only just discovered it now. But at least I won't have to do that antsy "I NEEDS NEXT BOOK NOW!" dance for this series since I'm ready to marathon the whole thing in the next four weeks.  The adventure for Meghan is starting up now and I am SO freakin' excited!

On 9/10/2013 @ 07:46 P.M. - Page 211 of 363:
I love fantasy adventures.  And this one just hits all the right spots.  Although I AM hoping that Meghan starts toughening up and getting some kickass in there soon.  But, man, I just want to sit and read and breeze through the entire series.  But no, we've got priorities like work and sleep and stuff...

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