Thursday, July 6, 2017

Booklikes-opoly | Roll #26!

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On 7/4, I took Roll #25, which brought me to Adventureland 26--a brand new-to-me square--wherein I read Driving Heat by Richard Castle.  The book is tagged 'thriller' on GR, and totals 336 pages, for a +$6.00 boost to the bank.  However, if I were to be honest, this book could have been 500 pages for how long it took me to finish the darn thing...  Book felt like it would never end...

In addition, we were gifted with a free move in honor of July Fourth, Independence Day!  All players were given the option to move from their current spot to one of the Main Street squares, regardless of location, and independent of rolls.  I chose to move to Main Street 11, which was my best bet, and chose to read a book written by an author born before 1955:  Elizabeth Lowell's Night Diver, which was 388 pages = $6.00.

Truth is, this was not my best selection of books since this game started.  Since the Fourth of July book is independent of rolls, I am able to roll again after finishing Driving Heat (Roll #25), even though I'm still making my way through Night Diver, which I hopefully will finish in time to start my Free Friday Read... which I will be starting regardless of whether I'm reading anything else.

And now Roll #26:

Moving forward from Main Street 11, I rolled an 11 and landed on New Orleans Square 21.  I feel like I was just here... oh wait, that was the other New Orleans Square.

As the game winds down in this last month, I think Magnetic Monkey is winding down as well.  He seems quite content to remain in the middle of the board, sitting on top of the Smoky Moonshine... just chillin'.

Also, "Hi Penni!  Always happy to see you!"

So while I was perusing what to read for New Orleans Square 21, I realized that, the biggest problem with having a lot of possible books to read... is that you have trouble deciding what book to read.  -_-

There are a lot of books I have listed that are set in England (mainly historical romances) that I could choose.  And then there are two particular Rom Suspenses I've been a wavering between.

Alias Smith and Jones by Kylie Brant has been on my TBR forever.  The summary mentions island hopping, I think, and a quick skim through the first few pages showed that there is, indeed an island setting involved.  The book is the first in The Tremaine Tradition series, and is 271 pages (Scribd e-book), which will net me $6.00.

Hot on the Hunt by Melissa Cutler... is a book that needs to get read.  It was going to be my Free Friday pick for tomorrow (7/7), so that I could finish the trilogy.  But with this game square, this book fits...  At least it looks like it fits, unless that's not the ocean I'm seeing in the background since the couple almost kissing is a little distracting.  If that doesn't count as an ocean on the cover, someone let me know, please.  Hot on the Hunt is 281 pages, worth $6.00.

On the other hand, I'm also very interested in reading Ravished by Amanda Quick.  I had checked this book out from the e-book library as a possibility for my Main Street 11 square for the 4th of July Optional Challenge.  But in keeping with me trying to accomplish my challenges this year, I ended up choosing Night Diver... and we see where that's going right now...

Ravished is 418 pages, which will be worth $10.00.

Decisions, decisions!

Current Bank:   $153

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