Saturday, July 8, 2017

Booklikes-opoly | Roll #27!

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I've got two ongoing books still:  Night Diver from the Fourth of July Optional BL Challenge; and Ravished from my Free Book Friday #4.  Night Diver will probably take some time to finish, but I'm sure Ravished will be finished quite quickly.

Anyway, I DID finish my book for my previous roll on 7/6, Hot on the Hunt by Melissa Cutler, successfully finishing up the ICE trilogy.  Truth, I made sure that I would finish reading my regular BLopoly roll book first because I just wanted to roll again and move forward, but no worries, I will make sure to finish the rest of my books as soon as I can--at least, I'm going to try to devote some time to Night Diver to get it read, which means it might be more than two days before I get to roll again.

Hot on the Hunt is a book set in the Virgin Islands, and also has a partial picture of the ocean on its cover, so it fulfills both possible criteria for New Orleans Square 21.  The book is 281 pages, which is worth $6.00, bringing my current updated Bank to $159!

Hot on the Hunt was just as exciting as the previous two books, though there were some moments of frustration with the characters.  No matter, as it was a pretty explosive ending for the ICE trilogy, and puts one of my goals closer to finish in my Personal Series Challenge.

And now Roll #27:

I rolled a 10 and moved from New Orleans Square 21 to Paradise Pier 30, a new to me square.  I'd say that this seems to be the theme for the second half of the game for almost everyone... but I was never really landing on the same squares the first half of the game anyway, so no worries.

Meanwhile, Magnetic Monkey has moved his arm slightly.  He's really taking this zen thing quite seriously.  And friends are visiting, too.  Maybe we can have a party soon.

For this particular square, I've got a lot of books possible, as I read a lot of Romantic Suspense.  I assume the tag 'romantic suspense' still counts as 'suspense,' but I'm going to check the first page of the book's top shelves to see if the book is tagged with just 'suspense' anyway, just to cover all my bases.

It took a while to decide which book I wanted to read (there are so many), and I finally made a decision just to read a book I'm interested in rather than because it's part of another reading challenge... even though it IS sort part of another challenge anyway (Personal Series Challenge).

Fired Up by Jayne Ann Krentz is the next book I need to read on my mission to complete the Arcane Society series.  It is the seventh book of this series, as well as the first book in the Dreamlight sub-trilogy, which officially establishes a connection between the Arcane Society and JAK's futuristic rom suspense series, Harmony, written under the name Jayne Castle.

Fired Up is tagged as 'suspense' on GR, and is counted at 403 pages, just barely over the lower end of the $10.00 cash award range!

Current Bank:   $159

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