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First Impression: When Day Breaks | 66 pages in

When Day Breaks

by Maya Banks
Book 9 of KGI series

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It is entirely possible that this might be the last of Maya Banks and KGI that I read.  It's not like I was really looking forward to this book since there have been quite a few negative reviews about it, but I'd been looking forward, in particular, to the next book in this series, which features Hancock--the enigmatic, mysterious, rogue warrior.

I was also looking forward to see if Rusty would ever get her story--she's been present ever since the first book, and we watched her grow and develop from belligerent teen into young adolescent.  Now she's closing in on college graduation and thinking about going into law enforcement, which, Yay!  Because I've loved her attitude and personality since the beginning.

But I'm only 66 pages into this book and already I've been feeling the sickening sweetness of the overly flowery monologues.  The schmaltz is already being laid down thick, and there's a whole lot more telling than there is showing.

On top of that, the way that everyone is treating Eden is making my eyes roll out of my head.  Despite the fact that her father had monologued about how he had raised her to be able to watch her back and take care of herself, he's treating her like a dull-witted innocent and naive little child.  It feels almost insulting that all these men with all their testosterone and all their brains don't realize that the best way to keep someone safe is to let said person know what's going on.  No secrets, no lies.

But they're adamant about keeping her in the dark.  Even if Eden is a hundred percent trusting and malleable (which she is, because she doesn't even fight the whole, "You don't need to know anything" bullshit that's going around), she could very easily stumble upon something that will put her life in danger without even realizing it.  If she knew what was going on, it would be easier for her to know what to look out for.

Instead, everyone is all "How can I break her heart and hurt her by letting her know the truth?" about her.  I'm of the impression that Eden is probably a lot stronger than everyone is giving her credit for, and that she's going to be ultra pissed off when she realizes all the secrets that are being kept.  Of course, that's what I'm hoping will happen.  What will more than likely happen is that Eden will find out about all the secrets and forgive everyone because she's freakin' Mother Theresa reborn.

Anyway, one final thing:

I have read 66 pages of this book and already at least four different men have "framed her shoulders in his hands," and pushed her away.  In those exact words.  At least four or five times.  Maybe six.  I'm about to start a tally on how many more times I see that phrase, because this could keep me entertained since I know exactly how the rest of the book is going to go.

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