2017 reading challenges

**This page last updated on:  4/11/2017

Goodreads Reading Challenge

My Goal:  150 books
My Progress:  37/150 books

2017 Reading Assignment Challenge

My Goal:  Reading Level 2:  24 books (2 books/month)
My Progress:  7/24 books | 3/12 months

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Quarterly Report Cards:
First Quarter | Second Quarter | Third Quarter | Fourth (Final) Quarter
(links coming soon)

2017 Mount TBR Reading Challenge

My Goal:  
Mt. Vancouver:  Read 36 books from your TBR pile/s
My Progress:  8/36

Romance Bingo 2017

My Progress:  15/25 books read
No Bingos were had!

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Ani's 2017 Personal Series Challenge

Goal #1 - Finish 10 Completed Series:
  4/10 series completed
Goal #2 - Catch Up With 5 Ongoing Series:  4/5 series caught up
Goal #3 - Read/Catch Up With 10 Series, New to Me:  0/10 series
Goal #4 - Read 10 1st in a Series:  6/10 1st books read

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Author Love Challenge in 2017

Author Chosen:  Jill Shalvis
Book Goal:  Read 7 books
My Progress:  1/7 books read

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Booklikes-opoly Summer 2017

Hosted by Obsidian Blue & Moonlight Reader
@ Booklikes -- a book blogging platform and reading community

Ani's Booklikes-opoly Summary Page

Game Goal:  Collect as much money as you can by reading books

My Progress:
Current Bank Amount:  $20.00
Jail Library Donations:  0
Books Read:  0

Ani's BL-opoly Game Play Update Posts:
Booklikes-opoly: Let the Games Begin!
First Roll | Second Roll | Third Roll
(links coming soon)

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