Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 Reading Assignment Challenge -- First Quarterly Report Card

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January ramblings:  Not much to say about January.  It was a good reading month in general.  I knew which books I wanted to read for this Reading Assignment and I went for them.  All turned out well. Big happy smiles all around because they were good, enjoyable selections.

February ramblings:  February was a good month for my Reading Assignment, even if not that great of a month for reading.  Between Cindy Gerard and Jeannie Lin, I think I had a good selection of books to choose from.

March ramblings: March was surprisingly a really slow reading month, but even so, it was a good month for Reading Assignment books.  I pretty much spent the first two weeks finishing all but one of my Reading Assignment books (even after a slight, unexpected swap-out)... and then proceeded to be lazy for the rest of the month.

First Quarter:  COMPLETED -- 3/19/2016
My Grade:  I Made an A!

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A Summary

After staring at my list and trying to figure out what to pick and choose, I realized that I had put a whole lot more books on my list this year that I really, really want to read than I did last year.  The problem with that is that I'm stuck anticipating the next months to come until I can start reading certain books.  And I tell you, it's a battle keeping myself from diving into some of these books and forgoing the whole "only read the number of books for your level each month" rules for the Reading Assignment challenge, because my reading mood is quite insistent.

It almost makes me want to ditch the whole idea of reading challenges altogether next year.

The first quarter of this Reading Assignment was a good one, full of books I really DID enjoy.  On top of that, I started participating in the My TBR List meme, using it in March to help me choose the last of my required number of books for that month.

Successful quarter?  Oh yeah.  I got an 'A' after all.  Was there ever any doubt my over-achieving ass would settle for less?

A Forecast

Basically, here is a jumble of the books I've sort of chosen for the next quarter.  But things aren't permanent because that elusive reading mood is such a fickle bitch.  Nonetheless:

Where Angels Rest by Kate Brady
Where Evil Waits by Kate Brady
Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn
Mindwalker by A.J. Stieger
Prince Joe by Suzanne Brockmann
Forever Blue by Suzanne Brockmann
Written in Red by Anne Bishop

That's about half plus one of the books needed for one quarter, so I'll be shuffling around the rest of my Reading Assignment list for five more books.  Or maybe I'll throw another My TBR List meme into one of the three months--I'm thinking June might be a good time.


  1. You did great!
    If you decided to do it again next year you should do less books. I know a lot of people last year did 4 books and it just wasn't working and this year found it to be a lot better with less. It's a fun challenge but it's not as easy as it looks :) That is totally my fault because I like things to be difficult lol

    1. Thanks!

      I did 4 books last year and managed to squeeze in two extra credit books as well, so 4 books really isn't bad. But you're right, I AM thinking of doing fewer books next year, if only because I think I'm overwhelming myself with too many goals and challenges. lol

      But no matter, I like being difficult too and I like a good challenge, so 4 books is still pretty fun. I just seem to be having a mediocre reading year so far.

      Again, thanks for hosting this challenge. It really is one of my favorite reading challenges!