Friday, April 15, 2016

First Impression: Size 14, 3 chapters in

Size 14 Is Not Fat Either
by Meg Cabot
Book 2 of Heather Wells series

Aside from the occasional stereotyping and some judgmental monologues I found a little unsettling, Size 14 is actually getting a bit intriguing, three chapters into the book.  At least as a murder mystery, things have already gotten started--a decapitated head found in the dorm's cafeteria in a stove.  This is probably one of aspects of this series that made me a little wary of calling it a cozy mystery, but then again, it's not like you actually get full descriptions or anything.

Heather's voice can be quite amusing sometimes, and I'm trying to adjust my reactions to some of the things in her narration--she can be a bit over the top and some of her jokes are repetitive and exhausting.  But for some reason, I also kind of find her charming, even if she CAN come off a little frustratingly judgmental.

I would actually love to see more of Cooper, though, and as a hopeless romantic, it DOES make me curious as to how the romance will play out since, according to some of the book summaries, the two of them don't get together until about book #3 or book #4.

Anyway, even if Heather's voice starts becoming overkill in the crass, untactful jokes, I'm at least hopeful I'll enjoy the murder mystery investigation.


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