Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Some Ranty Thoughts: Night Fury

Night Fury: First Act

by Belle Aurora
Book 1 of Night Fury

~ Goodreads ~

Rating:  1.5 Stars

**Side note on 4/13/2016:  This review has been edited slightly, but the opinions and feelings are still the same as when I first posted it.

And also, had I known that this book was just a "part" of a book, I probably would have never started reading it.  Although the point is moot since I don't intend to finish reading it anyway.


Official Blurb: (from Amazon)
My name is Catarina.
Or, that’s who I was christened to be, anyways.
I live in a convent. I am a nun in training. A postulant.
I am eighteen years old.

I am a predator.
No one is safe from me.

I am protected.
No one can get to me.

By day one way, by night another. They call on me.

My name is Catarina.
Codename: Night Fury.

No one is safe from me.

I will come for you.

I wrote an entire review over at Goodreads first, hit save and everything disappeared. I was too frustrated to try to rewrite it verbatim (not that I remember any of it anyway), and it's not like I can get my flare back on.

So here is a short, basic premise of that review:

I was interested in the concept of this book:

I saw it as a Girl K meets Gunslinger Girl type of bad-assery and hoped for as much.  I mean, teen girl assassin raised as a fake nun in a fake convent, taking up as part of a vigilant justice type of organization.  I can work with that sort of premise.  I was looking forward to all the action and the action and the badass action.

Instead, what I got was a pretty good start and build-up, followed by two missions that lasted all of two seconds (get in, meet the target, tell him the plan to kill him, proceed to kill him, clean-up duty, end of mission), and the rest of the book was "The Day In the Life of Catarina AKA Night Fury and Her Secret Assassin Secrets When She's Not Playing Assassin".  

We get to see about 10% teen girl assassin stuff, and the rest just focused entirely on Cat's non-romance about her first love, her first crush, her almost first crush requited, her new love interest with a bad boy... The typical YA romance woes.

I'm not gonna lie. I was expecting something a little more dark and gritty; more blood, guts, and gore; more action and suspense; more bad-assery.

And then the cliffhanger... Oh, how I love to hate cliffhangers like these.  I'm equal parts curious and overly frustrated with this one--enough to consider continuing with the series when the next book comes out, while at the same time begrudging its existence.

I don't like that I have to buy another book to find out how the story ends.  Especially when I'm decided that I don't really care about the story at all.  Because there doesn't really feel like there's any story.

Anyway, this short wrap-up managed to reiterate what I had previously written in my initial review before Goodreads ate it two seconds after I hit the save button...

And now I have thoughts of going back and watching the short K-drama that is a badass teen girl assassin story I could appreciate (see above for info).

This review was originally posted at Ani's Book Abyss / BookLikes in July 2014.

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