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Reading Updates for Winter

Winter by Marissa Meyer

Book 4 of Lunar Chronicles series
**based on Snow White

I didn't really buddy read with a bunch of people, but many of us at BookLikes happened to pick up Winter all at the same time.  And while several others managed to finish this extremely long book within the first two days, it took my just a little bit longer.

Still, I had a lot of random thoughts here and there, which I originally posted on BookLikes on top of my final review (or a sort of, kind of review) for Winter.

Starting: Winter  

(First Winter update on 11/10/2015 @ 7:00 A.M.)

Yes, I've already talked about starting to read this book now.

But also, Oh Geez!  This book is over 800 pages long...

If anyone needs me, I'll be in here for a while... 

Progress Update: Ch. 9 @ 9% into book  

(Second Winter update on 11/10/2015 @ 9:37 P.M.)

Wolf made a strangled sound, pulling everyone's attention toward him as he lifted a handgun from the crate.  "It's just like the one Scarlet had."  He flipped the gun in his palms, running his thumbs along the barrel.  "She shot me in the arm once."

This confession was said with as much tenderness as if Scarlet had given him a bouquet of wildflowers rather than a bullet wound.

Oh my.  I'm ready for the badass Wolf to return, which means we need to rescue Scarlet ASAP!  I honestly don't know whether to pity the poor pup, roll my eyes at his broody, heartbroken, melancholy, or give him a really, really big hug because his pining is actually kind of adorable.  In some ways.

I'm not very far into the book yet, but I'm already loving it so far and have already become quite attached to the cutesy-sweet relationship between Winter and Jacin.  Winter is just all sorts of adorable!  I needz more of this book and I need my work schedule to quit interfering!

There are just not enough hours in the day for a book that requires binge-reading like this.

Progress Update: Ch. 25 -- 26% into book   

(Third Winter update on 11/11/2015 @ 6:47 P.M.)


--because I might have given away some events in the book, although I think we'd been expecting this to happen anyway.

"No.  She will never be queen [...] Because you are my loyal servant, as you have so vehemently proclaimed.  And you are going to kill her."

Ooh... the Snow White plot is getting started now!  I am so hooked into this book that I lament the fact that I'm not reading it as quickly as the others.  I see that and  are finished and I'm going to try really, really hard not to read their reviews until I'm done, myself.

HOWEVER, the five star ratings are making me all sorts of anxious and excited!

Anyway, chances are, I'll fall into my own reading black hole pretty soon like I usually do and end up just reading and reading and reading (and bookmarking pages with quotes and quips that jump out at me) without anymore updates to post.

While I've been flying through the pages, it doesn't escape me that there were certain dragging points.  Nonetheless, I still love the characters and now the story feels like it's picking up: our ragtag gang of rebels is on Luna and I have a feeling Winter will be joining them soon.

And Levana... is just freakin' insane and shows every ounce of what was presented to us in Fairest.  She's scary insane:

"Dearest Sir Clay," she mused, and he wondered if she'd detected his desperation.  "Do not think I am unaware of what I am asking you to do and how difficult it will be for you.  But I am being merciful.  I know you will be quick.  She will not suffer at your hands.  In this way, I also fulfill my promise to her father, don't you see?"

She is scary insane.  And delusional.  And still quite the spoiled brat teenager she'd been, as we had seen in Fairest.  But now she's also a powerful and very evil queen.


Back into the Reading Cave with me.

Progress Update: Ch. 68 -- 69% into book   

(Last Winter update on 11/12/2015 @ 8:16 P.M.)

Thorne scoffed.  "Careful is my middle name.  Right after Suave and Daring."

"Do you even know what you're saying half the time?" asked Cinder.

I love Thorne.  And of all the friendship lines in this series so far, I love the Cinder/Thorne relationship the most.  Even if I don't ship them romantically, I DO ship them as the best love/hate friendship in the book.  A close second is the Scarlet/Winter relationship.


I'm almost there!  I know everyone else is finished, so I feel a little awkward posting an update, but I just wanted to express my immense love for Thorne--ever the charming comic relief!

And also that I feel like our beloved Prince-turned-Emperor Kai has developed quite the personality in this book and I'm loving it!  He's previously always felt kind of dull to me--like your standard, carbon-copy YA fairy tale prince.

And also:  No!  Wolf!  Why?!  I think I'm going to cry now.

These posts were originally posted at Ani's Book Abyss / BookLikes in November 2015.  Links go to original BookLikes posts.

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