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2016 Bookish Resolutions -- April Progress Report

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So April was a good month for reading... maybe not so much for a lot of other stuff.

Blogging Goals

- 1 -  Participate in at least 50% of the Top Ten Tuesday meme (@ The Broke and the Bookish) topics for 2016--that's 26 of the TTT topics.

Running Total:  7 Top Ten Tuesday posts written
  • January:  3 Top Ten Tuesday posts written
  • February:  2 Top Ten Tuesday posts written
  • March:  1 Top Ten Tuesday posts written
  • April:  1 Top Ten Tuesday posts written

- 2 -  Continue to post Monthly Reading Wrap-ups... with a slightly less overwhelmingly bulky form.

- 3 -  Create and try to maintain a blogging schedule.

  • January:  Lots of out-of-control, lots of colors.  See January update for more info.
  • February:  No pictures this time.  Just know that things are continuing to get more chaotic. 
  • March:  Still keeping up.  See March update for more info... though not much more info.
  • April:  I've been slacking. That's all I can say really. I'm scheduling stuff, but I lost track of some of my schedule. Hopefully I'll pick back up next month.

- Bonus Goal - Attempt participating in at least two other monthly/weekly bookish memes.

Reading Goals

See Also: 2016 Bookish Resolutions shelf

- 1 - Finish reading 10 completed series that I have already started reading.

Running Total:  4 completed series finished reading
  • January:  1 series finished
  • February:  1 series finished
  • March:  1 series finished
  • April:  1 series finished

When I was counting series for this reading goal I completely forgot that I would be finishing The Raven Cycle.  I don't know if that would some sort of denial complex, because, to be honest, I still can't believe that the series is over and done with.  I might start feeling that emptiness pretty soon, I think.  But yes, I started reading The Raven Cycle in 2013, and then promptly picked up each and every book as soon as it was published following that very first in the series.

Secondly, another series that would count for this reading goal is the Heather Wells series. But being that I haven't been able to finish said series yet, I can't really count it for this month. Now, I DO plan on devouring the rest of the series next month since I found the second book much more enjoyable than the first. So I'll at least have something listed for the month of May.
  • (1)  The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater -- 4/28/2016
    • Already Read:  The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, Blue Lily Lily Blue
    • Read This Month:  
      • #4. The Raven King -- 4/28/2016 -- review to come

  • Heather Wells by Meg Cabot -- In progress
    • Already Read:  Size 12 Is Not Fat
    • Read This Month:  
    • Left to Read:
      • #4.  Size 12 and Ready to Rock
      • #5.  The Bride Wore Size 12

- 2 - Catch up with 5 ongoing series that I have already started reading.

Running Total:  1 ongoing series caught up with
  • January:  0 series finished
  • February:  0 series finished
  • March:  1 series caught up
  • April:  0 series caught up

Due to being a slacker, I didn't exactly get into any of these ongoing series I've already started reading. I have a few in mind for completing this goal, but this goal will definitely take some time.

- 3 - Read 5 completed series that are new to me.

Running Total:  3 new to me completed series read
  • January:  1 series finished
  • February:  0 series read
  • March:  0 series read
  • April:  2 series read

It is only April, but this is my best month so far in completing series. In the month of April I have managed to finish TWO completed series that are new to me. HOWEVER, it is also entirely possible that one of these series is still ongoing... so I'm going to temporarily include it into this goal until I find out otherwise.

The Mann Family series is likely still ongoing, but as I have been unable to find any inkling of a third book aside from a short snippet at the end of the second book's paperback version, I'm not entirely sure I know what's going on.

- 4 - Participate in at least one Read-a-thon in 2016 (Bout of Books, Dewey's 24 Hour, any personal or community improv/unofficial read-a-thon, etc.)

-- GOAL COMPLETED -- 1/10/2016 --

Running Total:  2 Read-a-thons participated
  • January:  Participated in Bout of Books Read-a-thon
  • February:  Did not Read-a-thon this month.
  • March:  Participated in 24 Hour Take Control TBR Pile
  • April:  I thought about participating in the Dewey's 24 Hour this month on 4/23, but seeing how badly I managed the last 24 hour thon in March, I decided not to press my luck. It was a working weekend and I wasn't entirely sure I'd be able to get anything read outside of a few minutes here and there.

- 5 - Pick up at least 10 new to me authors (books not pre-listed for my 2016 Reading Assignment Challenge).

Running Total:  10 new-to-me authors picked up -- GOAL COMPLETED  4/29/2016

- 6 - Accomplish my 2016 Mount TBR Reading Challenge goals.  Tackle those books already on my shelves pre-2016!

Running Total:  18 Mt. TBR Books read

See also My 2016 Mount TBR Challenge summary post for complete listing.

Personal Goals

- 1 - Clock at least 2 hours of cardio workout each month.

Running Total:  2.42 hours of cardio clocked
  • January:  0 hours cardio clocked
  • February:  2.42 hours cardio clocked
  • March: 0 hours cardio
  • April:  0 hours of cardio

I had hoped that I would start doing SOME form of cardio.  But every morning I tell myself I will go to the gym... and every morning I go straight home after my shift at work and then I crash or I piddle around.

I'm still crossing my fingers and still going to hold myself accountable for this goal.  I'm just hoping I can do better soon.

- 2 - Attempt to work out at least twice a week.  Failing that, attempt to work out at least 8 times a month (which will be met if I can get my lazy ass to work out at least twice a week).

Running Total:  3.5 times worked out
  • January:  0 times worked out
  • February:  1 time worked out
  • March: 2.5 times worked out
  • April:  2 times worked out

While I haven't been going to the gym, I HAVE been trying to make up for it with a little bit of Yoga and stretching and strength training in the mornings.  I know that what I do right before going to sleep probably might not amount to too much, but it IS still something.  And so I will count all the little semi-work outs that I do as 2 full work outs.  Just because.

- 3 - Learn 12 new recipes.  Actually make said recipes.  And take pictures.  For evidence.

Yearly Total: 1 new recipe
  • January:  1 new recipe learned // Tomato Basil Soup
  • February:  0  new recipes
  • March:  0 new recipes
  • April:  0 new recipes
I have about three different recipes I want to try... but no motivation and also I need to get off my lazy ass.

- Bonus Goal - Be better at being sociable, in general.

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